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I often have so much trouble waking up in the mornings because lets face it. I’m not a morning person!!

That being said, I find that on the days that I do wake up I am more productive, I’m happier and I enjoy the day so much more! I also have less trouble falling asleep at night because I’m tired from having such a great full day!

It’s also summer here in Australia so it’s time to go out and soak the sun!! I particularly love going for walks and relaxing near the ocean. There is something magical about looking out into the never ending sea of water – it really calms me and activates my imagination.

I feel like a speck in comparison and it reminds me that all my worries of day to day things are insignificant and I can just enjoy the view.



The other thing I especially love about summer is that it’s the perfect weather to visit my favourite cafe’s!! I love having brunch – it’s become one of my favourite weekend activities and I simply can’t miss it! Going to a new cafe enjoying their food and just sitting back with a great cup of coffee is omg I can’t even begin to tell you how it makes me feel as I think about it.

I also have this secret obsession with food photos – it must be in my Asian blood because every time I see a well presented plate of food I just have to whip out my phone and take a picture – no matter how hungry my bf is at the time XD!!

He is completely used to waiting for me to finish with my shots before he can eat. I sometimes think I get so enthusiastic in my head I’m almost like:

“oh yea food you’re so sexy uh huh.

That’s right looking good!


One moreeeeeee

Hold still


Then I see a relived look on my bf’s face as he realises he can finally dig in :)!!



We don’t often wake up in time for breakfast so last night on the phone we made a conscious pact that we will wake up earlier and get into a routine. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that McDonald’s was releasing a Prize Alarm!! Not only does this alarm look super cute,  you can also choose from some cute sounds or set it to be a surprise sound to wake up to. The best thing about it though is that you could wake up with the chance to win a really awesome prize!! There are 4 million prizes and you get a chance to win every day that you set an alarm!!

Imagine waking up to and discovering that you won a ShotBox camera!! Or vouchers, passes and gift cards!! Or waking up and finding that your breakfast is your prize :)!!! I was completely obsessed with their last app drop into Macca’s (me and my bf played it EVERYDAY) so I’m actually really excited for this one!

How the app works:

1. Set your summer moment alarm daily

mcdonalds prize alarm

2. Alarm activates with your chosen sound

mcdonalds app music

3. Be in the chance to WIN prizes!

mcdonalds prizes

It’s actually that easy!!!!

What I love about these apps is it is so easy to integrate into your life!! You don’t have to purchase anything if you don’t want to!!! Just set it for sometime during the day and you’ll be in with a chance to win! Terms and conditions apply.

So join me and download this app for the chance to win summer prizes and fun CLICK HERE or look up “Macca’s Prize Alarm App” in the App store or the Google Play store :)! I’ll definitely be using this everyday to wake up :)!!

To download on your mobile, click on the links below.

iPhone users: Click here

Android users: Click here

Much love,


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