Customise your iPhone and Laptop with Barely Naked Skins

Gratitude and Happiness have been important words for me for this year, and I try and feel these two emotions at least once a day!

So when I got the opportunity to customise my laptop and iPhone with Barely Naked skins I had to incorporate these two themes into my designs! I’ve always loved being creative and these skins also protect your tech so that you don’t get any scratches on it, without it being too bulky!

There’s a wide range of skins out there at the moment but nothing beats creating your own!! You can even use the design of your favourite colour, singer or anime or even create it so that your phone matches your nails! You can customise any phone, laptop, tablet with your latest designs and also they are easy to remove. It’s a really cool birthday present for a friend too :)!!

Also right now they are giving 10% off to my lovely readers :)!! Just use code: BNWEN10

The creation process is also really simple, you simply just upload your image via your computer or even photos from your instagram on their easy to use website and then position how you like.

The Design Reveal

My Macbook skin has arrived with a message that I want to remind myself everyday :)!
My iPhone skin is here with my glitter design that matches my YouTube Channel 🙂
The material itself is actually quite thick so it feels protective, and it also means it’s easier to put on without bubbles. I always found a lot of trouble with skins that were to thin, since it was so hard to put on!!
For my laptop a tip is to use a ruler to smooth out the surface then use your fingers to squeeze out any air bubbles! For your phone it was actually really easy and I didn’t have too much trouble with air bubbles at all! Just used my thumb and smoothed it out and it was good :)!! 
My Macbook Before :)!!
My Macbook after all pretty and customised :)!!! So nice!!
You get to design the inside too which is super cool :)!
Using it on the bed with Mikki :)!!

How pretty does my Phone look now :)!!!
You can also design the front 🙂
Nothing beats a little gratitude in your life 🙂
It feels so slim now 🙂
Stunned face + phone = must
So I’m really excited about how my Laptop and iPhone looks :)!!! I now know they are both protected from my clumsiness and also it’s good that I can remind myself to be grateful and happy of my life every day :)!! This is something completely worth it by itself, but the fact that it looks so beautiful is an incredible bonus!!
I would love to see the designs you come up with as well :)!! You can get creative at Barely Naked straight away and tag me when you get your design up ;)!!

Custom Skin Giveaway!

Barely Naked has been kind enough to give you guys a chance to win one of 10 FREE device skins!! There’s 10 packs so there’s a good chance to win :)!!
Enter below:

Barely Naked Giveaway

Much love,

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    May 25, 2015 at 11:26 pm

    What a fun way to dress up a macbook/ iPhone.

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