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12 DIY Back To School Supplies HACKS Everyone Should Try!

This week is another video in my back to school series!! These are super fun DIY that double up as hacks that are really simple to do and also bring so much joy! I hope you love these as much as I do!


1. DIY Rainbow & Ombre Highlighter

Why use everyday boring highlighters when in just a few seconds you can turn your highlighter into a rainbow or a super pretty ombre watercolour highlighter. To make the rainbow highlighter take a blue yellow and pink highlighter. And draw on the yellow highlighter in the following order. Blue yellow and then pink. Take the blue and colour one corner. Then take the pink and colour the other corner leaving a bit of yellow in the middle. The colour will blend into a beautiful rainbow pattern!! Omg

To make the ombre version I’m taking the pink and blue highlighter and using the blue to color the pink highlighter. The trick is to always colour the lighter colour. At this point you may just get a 2 tone highlighter instead of an ombre one! All you need to do is to dip you highlighter in some water or run it briefly through your tap and then dab the water off with a tissue. You can also use this water trick to make your highlighters look more pastel. Now you’ll have a beautiful ombre watercolour highlighter that’s soo pretty it’ll make you want to study for your exams just so you can use the highlighter! This DIY literally took me 5 seconds to do so you guys should definitely all give this one a go!


2. Feather tie dye pens

Have you ever wondered how it is to write with a quill? You know like in those old movies? Well I’m going to show you this great DIY so you can create your very own! All you need are some large feathers from the craft store and some acrylic paint as well as one of these multicolour pens. Design and paint your feather. I chose to do a few here and get creative with it! Now get a sharp stanley knife and cut off the tip to reveal the tube. Kids make sure you get parent supervision for this as it can be dangerous. Now grab your pen and unscrew it and pull out the colour pen you want. Measure it up and cut off the excess tubing. Now all you need to do is push it into the feather stem. I found that most of the large feathers fit perfectly with the pen tubing like a snug sock! I made so many of these as I got super obsessed with how pretty they were!

3. Eraser USB

You can make these super cute usb holders from erasers so that you can save room in your pencil case as your usb doubles as an eraser and is super cute! All you need to do is find a cute eraser that can fit the end of your USB in, and then use a stanley knife and some small scissors to dig out a hole that will fit your usb in. Don’t worry if it’s a tiny bit bigger. Then use hot glue to glue our usb in so that it wont budge. There you go a super cute usb eraser 😀
Also a great hack is to actually use an eraser like this one and do the same thing but instead split it in so that it creates a custom lid. So people will totally just think it’s an eraser but BAM it’s a usb!!

4. Colored Sharpie staples

Who needs silver staples in your life because they can be soo boring!! To make your own coloured staples just grab a sharpie and colour the top of them! You can make so many different colours in just a few minutes! It just makes it way more fun to staple things!!

5. Starbucks Coffee Sharpener Tic Tac Sharpener

If you have one of these sharpeners that don’t have anything to catch the shavings you can make a cute DIY sharpener catcher with an old tick tac container or even make your own cute starbucks one if you want a fun DIY project!
The tic tac one is super easy to make. Just hot glue your sharpener into the opening of the tic tac container and that’s pretty much it!! You can even open it up and throw out the shavings.
For the star bucks sharpener simply find a small condiments container with a lid and paint the inside with white acryllic paint or nailpolish. Let it dry and then Cut a hole in the lid so that your pencils can fit in. Mold some air dry clay so that it fills up the empty space between the sharperner and the bottom of the container and create a pocket shape for the sharpener to sit in so that it doesn’t move around. Hot glue the air dry clay to the bottom and the sharpener to the lid. Print a star bucks label and cut it out. Use some clear tape and tape over it and that’s it!
Omg!! It’s so cute!! And collects pencil shavings :DD

6. Heart Shaped Paperclips

Paperclips aren’t anything special right? WRONG! You can make your normal paperclip 10 times cuter in 2 seconds! All you need to do is take a regular paperclip and bend it upwards towards the open end of the clip. That’s it!! Oh wait it looks like a complete mess… But look what happens when you clip it! It’s a cute little heart! I’ve actually never seen this before even though its so easy and will definitely be using this for the rest of my life :).

7. Fridge Magnet Paperclip Holder

I don’t know about you, but I am always losing small objects. Like hair ties, bobby pins, elastic bands, paper clips. Now I can’t help you with the first 3 things at all, but I DO have the perfect paper clip holder for you. All you need to do is find any old fridge magnet and hot glue the back of it into your folder to create a super cute paper clip holder! Now you’ll always have one when you need one 🙂

8. Custom Reusable Washi Tape Folder Tabs

Create your own custom pattern folder dividers that are also super practical! Simply use washi tape to take over your tabs and that’s it!! Now you can write what you want on it, and then when you want to change what it says simply tape over it or peel it off and you’ll have a new set of dividers ready to go! Say yes to reusing dividers!!

9. Folder binder post it page

I love this hack because it turns your binder into a super organiser! Get a piece of cardboard the size of your divider or cut one to size I chose black because it really made the sticky notes pop! Mark out and punch holes onthe side so that it fits perfectly in the folder. Now hot glue a bunch of sticky notes onto the front cover or on a divider in whatever shapes you’d like! That way you’ll always have a set of sticky’s to remind you to do things! This is a lifesaver for people like me because I’ll get this epiphany of an idea but if I dont write it down, I’ll forget it in like an hour. Hands up if you have bad memory like me ;P

10. Chalkboard Folder Book

This DIY is soo cool because it turns your Folder into a chalkboard!! All you need is chalkboard paint a roller and some tape. Omg! Tape any sections you want to keep clean with sticky tape and then get some chalkboard paint onto the roller and roll away. Did you know you can get chalkboard paint in a bunch of different colours!! I got this beautiful rose pink but I had a hard time choosing from so many other colours! I used 2 coats! Once it’s dry you can decorate away!! I also found these amazing neon liquid chalk as well which made decorating it super fun!! And when you feel like a change simply use a chalkboard eraser or a damp tissue or cloth to get it really clean. You can easily customise your folder and even keep a to-do list on it to remind you what’s due in the upcoming week! If you dont want your todo list on the front cover, You can also paint one of your dividers in your folder and make your list there. Omg I got so excited about this one.

11. Custom Washi Tape Pencils

You can totally personalise your pencils and pens super easily so that no one will steal them and claim that it is theirs! For pencils just grab some washi tape and stick it length wise ways so you create your own custom designs!

12. Custom Glitter Pens

You can always buy colourful pens, but if you have some old boring ball point pens at home, you can use this DIY to save yourself some money 🙂 First you want to mix 1 tablespoon of glue to 2 tablespoons of water to create a liquid glue formula that’ll coat your pens and then easily flow back out. Dismantle your old sad pen and give it a makeover, by running the glue through the plastic tubing of the pen to create a nice sticky surface. Now simply sprinkle your favourite glitter into the tube and let it dry! This part can be messy so do it over a bowl or some scrap paper. Pop it back together and you’ll have these beautiful glittery pens that you’ll never mistake for anyone else’s!

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