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Easy Summer Fitness Routine Ideas For Lazy People ♥ My Real Exercise Routine 2015 ♥ Wengie

I have an extremely weird relationship with exercise. I love the idea of a fitness routine where I can easily do and workout without getting stressed but I haven’t found “the one yet”.

So therefore I conclude that exercise and workouts you can do easily at home is a good alternative while I wait to find the fitness program for me! So in my video I have ideas that you might like to use in your everyday life while you’re at home and just being all around lazy.

Hence why I called it easy summer fitness routine ideas for lazy people 🙂

The two things that I feel are incredibly important that I pointed out in the video is that in the absence of a regular routine it’s always good to keep moving around whenever you can and find ways to work a little bit of exercise into your daily life even if you don’t have a regular exercise plan.

In addition moving around your diet is going to be a huge determining factor in your figure regardless of the amount of exercise you do :)!!

Don’t forget to check out my Healthy 7 Day Food Plan E-book for easy recipes to get you through the week on a budget.

Lets get cracking on our fitness goals guys together :)!!



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    Vivian Yuen
    May 14, 2015 at 11:52 am

    so inspiring!

    Vivian ✞ LIVE . IN .LOVE


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