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How Much Money Do I Make as a YouTuber?


Oh the all important question I feel like everyone wants to ask but usually (thank goodness) is too polite to ask 🙂

Asking for someone’s pay is a pretty easy way to get you to the social blacklist and in fact is actually banned from being spoken of in most companies as usually it does more harm than good.

but it’s great if they volunteer the information.

So today I wanted to shed more light into how much I get paid and most importantly HOW I get paid as a YouTuber as many of you may be wanting to do YouTube more seriously and possibly as a career or maybe you’re just curious.

I’m pretty sure you’re damn curious XD.

This is a 15 isn minute video so make sure you make a bit of time to get through it all 🙂 There is incredibly valuable information and I made sure I covered as much as I could without violating Google Policies (who also have rules around what you cannot disclose) which actually state you can’t give details of your exact income or else they can ban you. So those of you thinking you want to go off and share screenshots etc, please don’t because it may get you into trouble. However I read you CAN share “GROSS” payments for years which means a total figure over a long period of time but again this is probably why you don’t see large YouTubers opting screenshots. Again I’m not a lawyer so please do your research before you disclose any of this information, preferably ask a lawyer :)!

Anyways without further ado lets get straight into the video 🙂

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