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Australian Chinese Tries American Snacks ♥ 13 Snacks in 5 Minutes ♥ Wengie

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with snacks!! Well actually I just love them, but lately because of my whole healthy living mentality I’ve also development a sort of cringe like reaction when I think about junk food.

The sad thing is it doesn’t ALWAYS stop me from eating it, it just makes me feel bad afterwards! Haha! That being said I’ve come a LONG way since my old habits and sometimes it’s worth noting how far you’ve come too even if you haven’t reached your ultimate goals!

Well when I was trying these American snacks, I had mixed emotions :)!! I’m proud to say that I’ve not eaten all of these yet and some still remain!! I’m portioning my junk food eating over time so I don’t feel TOO guilty. But I had so much fun trying them!! Come chill and eat with me:

The snacks that I tried:

Chex Mix:
Lays Truffle Chips:
Goldfish Chedder:
Cheetos Flamin Hot Lime:
Hostess Twinkies, 2 Twinkies
Rips Assorted Licorice Pieces:
Jack Links Beef Jerky:
Twizzlers Twists, Strawberry:
Frito Lay Munchies Snack Mix 8oz Bag:
Funyuns Flavored Rings, Onion:
Butterfinger Chocolate Bars:
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snack Size:
Kool Aid Variety 48 Packs:

Much love,


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