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11 DIY Summer Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!!!

These life hacks are not limited to just summer! They are also fun to do any time of the year! I hope you enjoy 🙂

1.Pool in a pool

If you wanna chill in the pool without getting wet this hack is perfect for you!! Just get a kids swimming pool blow it up and use it like a floatin water island!! It’s much roomier than the swans and also lets you put in towels, books and pillows without you worrying about it falling into the water. You also don’t have to worry about falling in the water. The water here btw was super cold so I was glad to be able to enjoy it without actually getting in. It’s super cute as wel! I call him nessy 😀 <3

2. Floating pool chest

Who wants to get out and grab a drink once you’ve settled in to your comfy pool floatie! Not me so here’s how you can make your very own floating mini bar! Grab some pool noodles, a plastic tub that is wider on the top than the bottom, some thick string and scissors.Cut the pool noodles to the length of the sides of the your tub. You want to be able to create a border all the way round the tub and not have it fall through. Don’t worry the noodles are actually really easy to cut – I expected it to be much tougher but a large pair of normal scissors will be able to do the job. Now grab a piece of string and thread it through your noodles. I chose alternating colours to add a pop of colour. Now pull it super tight and tie a double knot to make sure it doesn’t come loose! Your mini bar is complete!! All you need to do is add some ice and your favourite drinks and launch it into the pool! Remember to stay hydrated!

3. Glow in the dark mason jars

Summer nights are way more fun when you create your own glow in the dark lanterns! All you need are some glow sticks, and some jars! Simply break the glow sticks to activate the glow, the snaps your hearing is actually glass inside so be careful with the next part! Choose whatever colour you’d like or mix a whole bunch like me! Now cut the top off and flick the inside glow liquid into your jar!! I love how it created this beautiful pattern on the sides of the ja There may be a bit still stuck in the tube so an easy way to get it out is to cut off the top and this will let some air in so we don’t waste any of the glowstick liquid! I love mixing 3 colours together to create a almost galaxy like effect! And that’s pretty mcuh it!! You can create your own designs or shake it up and mix it all together but it is such a cool way to light up your night!

4. Sexy summer legs

For a super close shave for summer try the double shave & scrub routine! To make a simple body scrub just combine 3 table spoons of olive oil with 2 table spoons of honey and ½ a cup of sugar. Just mix it until your have the perfect sugar scrub! Now all you need to do is shave normally, then use the sugar scrub on the areas you just shaved to get rid of all the dead skin so that you can get even closer to the hair root. Then simply shave again. It’ll literlly be the smoothest shave you’ve ever experienced!

5. DIY Tanner

If you want a temporary tan but ran out of self tanner or want a DIY option try using some cocoa from your cupboard! It’s probably way to hot to drink hot choclate in summer anyways! Just mix some cocoa with some body moisturiser into a thick liquid consistensy like this andyou have a simple self tanner that’s a perfect colour! Just take a bit and rub it on your skin and it’ll leave a thin film to darken your skin! To remove it simply shower and use some baking soda if any of it is left after your normal body wash routine.

6. Tan tattoo with sunscreen

If you want to make sunbaking even more fun, try adding a pattern on your body with sunscreen or elmers glue and this will create your very own tan tattoo! Make sure you’re wearing sunscreen on all other parts of your body as well. Sun can really damage your skin if it’s not protected

7. Blotting with toilet paper and powder

Sometimes applying sunscreen on your face and just general summerness makes your face look greasy. A great way to deshine is to apply some translucent powder on youru fac through a thin tissue. I always find applying it directly it gets too heavy and forms clumps onto my sunscreen or oil so the tissue helps you de shine without looking like you’ve applied any powder on your face at all! Best thing is your sunscreen is still on and protecting your skin!

8. Soothe mozzie bites

I am so guilty of scratching all my mozzie bites! I just can’t help it! A great hack if you’re a scratcher is to use toothpaste on your bite to soothe i It gives you a cool tingly feeling. It actually worked for me and I forgot about them for a few hours!The other thing you can try to do is to slap it really hard until it hurts XD.

9. DIY essential oil mosquito repellant

Mozzies just love me but I don’t return those feelings so here is a cute natural mozzie repellant you can make to keep them away! All you need are jars, essential oils that mozzies hate like eucalyptus, and lavender oil. Lemon Limes and Rosmary and 2 tea candle or flaoting candles .Fill up your jar with ⅔ water then Simply slice up your lemon and limes and add them into your jar along with 2 sprigs of rosemary. Add in 10 drops each of your chosen mix of essential oils. Remove the metal part of your tea light if you’d like or use a floating candle and put it on top so you can create warmth to release the scent. Simply light it when you’re ready and you have a beautiful natural mosquito repellent you can use for dinners outside or parties! You can also put this mix into a spray bottle and spray it on yourself for extra protection!

10. Plastic lining bag inside beach bag

You can also use a plastic bin liner to protect your belongings from the sand as well! Simply fine one with a plastic draw string and put all the things you don’t want sand on in it before placing it into your bag!

11. Key clip for thongs

When I’m at the beach I get too caught up with having fun that I totally forget where I throw my flip flops becauseI literally just kick em anywhere while I run towards the water. A great hack so that you never lose them is to use a harness clip to clip them onto the strap of your beachbag! That way you won’t get sand from them in your bag either if you need to carry them around!

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