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10 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Everyday | Life Hacks for Back to School And Home

1. You’ve been wearing your earphones wrong

So this is how I normally wear my earphones, the left in the left ear and the right in the right ear, but although it’s great for the most part sometimes when I’m running or it gets caught on something it still falls off! For an extra secure way to wear them so they DON’T ever fall off switch them around wrap it around the back of your ear and place them them upside down and they’ll fit super snugly. This removes the pressure of the chord and you can pretty much tug at the chord as hard as you want and they still won’t fall off! Keep in mind this will reverse the where the sound is coming from but for most things it won’t really matter and you’ll just have earphones that never fall off!

2. You’ve been cutting your tomatoes wrong

I absolutely love cherry tomatoes but cutting them individually in half seems super inefficient plus they love to slip and slide and squirt out juice! but that’s how I’ve always been doing it!!! Well enter 2 plastic lids to save the day! Just grab a whole bunch of them and place it on the lid! Take your second lid and press down firmly so, they won’t be able to escape! Then simply take a knife and cut across the middle and that’s it! Not only does it save you time, but you won’t be cutting your fingers with this hack!
in safe!

3. You’ve been hanging your jumper wrong

So when I hang jumpers I either fold them or if I have to hang them I’d just do it like this. But what ends up happening is the shoulders take on the shape of the coat hanger and end up sticking up!! NOO!!
So a great way to hand them is to fold your jumper in half and place the hanger hook under the armpit like this. Fold over the sleeves then fold over the body and that’s it!! It’s super secure and won’t fall off either! And Mikki totally approves of this message!!

4.  You’ve been pooping wrong

We’re going to be getting a bit TMI here but wth we’re fam sitting on the toilet is pretty normal but if you’re having trouble doing your number 2’s then try angling your bowels so that you create a smooth track out of there! You can of course do this by squatting but you can also try putting a footstool in front of you to lift your legs up which will straighten your bowels too! Now the poop will come out easier and there is no straining!

5. You’ve been flushing the toilet wrong

Ok so now you need to flush and normally we just get up and press the button, which is what I usually do! But this also means you end up with collateral damage especially since you’re standing right in front of the toilet.

Instead just put the toilet seat down! Yup. I always forget to do it as well :)! Now that you’ve seen where the water could go perhaps it’s motivation to remember!

6.  You’ve been cleaning your shower/taps wrong

Scrubbing is a pretty common way to clean your girmey taps but there’s actually a much easier way to clean it! Simply fill up a bag with vinegar, Mia is a great assistant here. and tie it around your shower head or tap head with an elastick band or string. Leave it there overnight for it to remove the stubborn stains and just give it a nice old wipe in the morning! Don’t worry the vinegar smell will disappear once it’s dry and using vinegar is actually a really great and natural cleaning agent!

7.  Earphones on the computer

When I’m finished with my earphones I usually just chuck em on the table and sometimes when I go to pick them up they just tangle. Like I don’t even know how they get that way! Instead just stick them to your laptop screen! This only works for macbooks though, and if you don’t have one you can win one by joining the fam! This way it’s kept tangle free and the left and right side is where it should be ready to go!

8. Putting on duvet sheet

Ok guys so I hate putting in my duvet back in it’s casing. I swear this is not a one person thing I always need help like my arms are not even that long!! If I’m alone I just pretty much do this. – it’s warm anyways!

This will literally change your life. Just flip your cover inside out and lay out your duvet on top. Now take the bottom edge and just roll it up all the way to the top! Keep in mind you have to roll and not fold. Once it’s all rolled up just put your hands in the corner of the opening grab the whole roll and pull it in so it’s flipped the right way round. Do the same on the other side. And now we’re ready for the magical part!! Simply unroll it all the way down and that’s it!!! Your duvet is now inside the cover!!!! Seriously blew my mind. Everyone needs to get onto this.

9. Applying perfume

When I apply perfume I always have this habit of rubbing them together after I spray! Now that’s actually wrong because it actually shortens the life-span of your perfume by destroying your top notes and going straight to the mid and bottom notes. I usually buy the perfume for the top notes anyways so I’m def not going to be doing this anymore!! Also great places to spray perfume is your collar bone, the back of your ear, belly button and back of your knees if you’re looking for more spots with pulse points!

10. Pouring Juice

When you first open a box of juice and pour it normally sometimes the air bubbles get stuck and make it glug and spill everywhere!! Yup – story of my life. Instead try turning the juice the other way round and tip it backwards so the the pocket of air can sit at the opening of the juice and make it a much smoother pouring experience!! Yumm!


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