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10 Period Hacks All Girls NEED To Know!

DIY Hot pack

When you get those awful cramps and aches during that time of the month a warm heat pack always makes me feel better. Or a hack is to just use a cat!
But if you don’t have access to a cat you can make your very own personalised heat packs in about 30 minutes! All you need is a tea towel or cotton material that can be microwaved. Sewing kit or machine, scissors and good ol’ RICE!!
Cut your cotton material to double the size you want your heatpack to be. A great hack is just to fold it in halves until you get the right size then cut along the folds by keeping some tension along the fold with your scirssors. Or you can measure it out with some marker and cut it out normally but I’m just super lazy.
Then sew 3 out of the 4 sides but me being lazy I made it so I only have to sew 2 cos one is already there WOOT! Now sew painstakingly slowly by hand or use a sewing machine. If you want to make sure it’s secure you can double back and sew over the same side twice with your hand stitch. Leave around a 1 cm margin.
Flip it over and it looks like it’s almost done!! Fill it with rice until about ¾ of the way up! This way it still remains flexible and easier to place on your round spots like my belly.
Now close the remaining side with a closing stitch. Now throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute and it’s ready to use !! It feels like a nice warm kitty!

Emergency pad

So you’re just chilling minding your own business and your red friend decides to visit you. Like this. Now you don’t have pads or anything! Well here’s a DIY hack for you!! Now my go to solution is stuffing my undies with toilet paper but this is WAY better.
Get something thick and absorbent like napkins, or hand toweles, or a sock even and place it on your undies. Now we’re going to use a length of toilet paper to actually wrap around it to keep it in place in your undies!! Tuck in the ends and it actually gives you a decent amount of protection! Of course don’t use this as an everyday pad – unless you want to I’m not judging.

Menstrual cup

Yes this thing must look strange unless you’ve seen ro heard of a menstrual cup! These things are made of medical grade silicon and collect all the um..good stuff into it so it saves you from buying pads which means less money in the long term and also great for the environment from less waste. Lets just pretend this bottle is your ya know….and it just fits up there like this and creates a nice seal so there’s no leakage! It can even handle the heavy flowers for a WHOLE day. Cos it goes wid da flow ya know..hahah XD…u love me XD.

Cut out caffeine

If you watch my vlog channel you’ve probly seen me do a lot of this. My everyday soy latte is a must but apparently caffine is bad when it’sthat time of the month. The caffine leads to higher levels or pro- stag-lan-dins which are the things that cause the painful contractions in the first place so – caffine be gone! Try a herbal tea or juice instead and your uterus will thank you later – like personally XD

Changing your pad in School

Periods are nothing to be ashamed of but sometimes you just don’t want the whole class to know you’re going to the toilet to change your pad. So try stuffing one in your bra in the morning and you don’t need to carry anything with you! Also you can also try double lining your pads so that you simply just rip the top off and you’re ready to go with the 2nd one!


Knowing when your period comes is soooo useful so try tracking it! I know my body so well that I just know it’s rolling around when I get super tired and get headaches. But you can try apps that you can d/l for free and some of these are so pretty! You can also get on the pill which amkes your periods more regular and they basically start when you’er on the sugar pill. For more information on bith control I have a video where we get real about birth control and don’t forget to consult a doctor first! A great hack to avoid painful cramps and symptoms is to start taking a painkiller like ibeprofen one day before you know it’s going to hit!! That way you don’t even need to wait for tghose 10-15 minutes for it to start working when you’re in total agony!

Period undies

So this is my #squad during my period and if you don’t have some period undies you should get some! Set aside 5-7 pairs of undies that you don’t care about getting stained or try using black or dark colours so you can’t even see the stain! I love these ones by Uniqlo cos it’s made of microfiber material that’s also super quick to dry and wash so if you need an emergency wash it’ll be dry in no time! I

Wash in ice

Ok so when it does stain remember NEVER to wash it with warm water!! NEver this locks in the stain so say goodbye to those undies or sheets or towels or whatever you managed to tarnish!

Use ice cold water with some peroxide or even laundry powder and that’ll give you the best chance of getting rid of it!

Good food

What you eat affects your hormones and also them feels during your period! So try eating more veggies or becoming a vegetarian which apparently does help with period symptoms like PMS cramps and just feeling tired. ALso foods high in calcium have been shown to reduce these too and some times reduce it completely and this can be found in green leafy vegetables like spinach and Kale!!
Also darl chocolate helps u deal with cravings and also has high magneisium levels which help reduce cramps so hell yes to the dark chocolate!! How high can you go?? I chicken at out at 85% cocoa.

Dry on toilet

Now I know this is tmi but sometimes heavy flow means accidental drips after a shower! And no I don’t want to explain what happened to the floor mat and bathroom floor so instead of drying yourself normally try doing it while sitting on the toilet. That way you can take your time and not worry about leaving a trail.

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