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Wopping, being arty and making fire in yellow tights

Saturday is fun day! I had a pretty packed weekend this week (yes I only got around to updating it now). It was so eventful that I slept a whole 14 hours between Saturday and Sunday – man that was good ๐Ÿ™‚


Unless you are an avid youtuber, you probably have never heard of “the wop”. It’s basically a song with a dance that goes with it which encourages white girls to booty shake. Observe the white girl wop:

This is probably the most viewed on YouTube and if you look at the related videos, there are so many versions of it. My friend Meah thought it would be hilarious to do our own Sydney version so off we went to Darling Harbour to make it happen. We did not include some of those moves cos it was…err…not something we like to do :P…The funniest part was having to do it in front of like a billion people (ok I’m exaggerating) so we could get a waterfront view of Sydney in one of the shots.

My WOPPING outfit

This was the first time I was brave enough to wear the yellow tights my friend Kenny bought me from Hong Kong. I can safely say that bright yellow and aqua leopard print tights are not something I usually  wear. I thought I’d balance it out the excitement with a plain boring black singlet.

The weather on Saturday was soo nice!! (yes why am I talking about the weather?)

Pretty Meah on the left and my bf Ash on the right ^^ He decided WOPPING was not for him…dang ๐Ÿ˜› Would have been funny!

Art by the sea

After wopping around Darling Harbour, I had to visit my friend Cary and his new art-tea house (get it? sounds like arty) It’s basically a small art gallery and cafe in Watson’s bay. The cafe is actually part of a heritage building which used to be the art gallery of Watson’s Bay and is now converted into some shops and apartments for people to live.

The interiors were beautiful and made even better by the artwork that has been carelessly displayed (they are still renovating). I love the high ceilings and vintage feel it gave off. Very art-deco! I’m in love, and now I really want to live in an art deco apartment by the ocean.

The front of the store, its so cute inside! I love the slightly old heritage feel ๐Ÿ˜€
The cool iron gate and the sign at the door
Artwork roughly laid out with a teapot – I love the look of it, and it wasn’t even purposely laid out!
Had to take a photo in this place!! 
The view from the gap – which was 2 minutes down the road! OH SO NICE!
I am completely convinced that I want to live here now – imagine sweeping ocean views and breeze and a totally chilled cafe culture. AHH SO IN LOVE!!

The fire pit BBQ

Sunday was make a firepit day! Our dance crew dGen got together and decided that crew bonding time was on the agenda. So what do we do? We build a fire pit in Shirley’s backyard…and it was TASTY!!! We had so much meat we could go through 2 rounds!! But the funniest part of the day was the boys turning up with caesar salad essentials including a cabbage which they were convinced was a lettuce….hahahaha!!! 
This sparked many meme’s and my favourite being:
Our fire pit!!
I had such a great time ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes just getting together with your friends and stuffing your face are the best times!! The simple things :)….
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