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Tumblr Baddie School Routine Makeup Hair and Outfit ♥ Wengie

Can we get this 10,000 THUMBS :D??? School makeup hair & outfit routine was inspired by tumblr and instagram 🙂 Hair style is called a dutch braid.

Makeup Tutorial

  • Start off with a primer because we want our makeup to last all day. I’m applying a glow primer on the areas I want to highlight then blending out.
  • Apply a matte finish foundation all over your face. Start from the middle of your face and blend out.
  • Set it all and it will help control the shine throughout the day.
  • I’m going to clean up my brow shape by drawing a clean outline above and below my brows. You can fill them in as well making sure the ends are darker than the beginning. I have lots of hair so I’m just going to clean up the shape. This flat shape that Shu Uemura pencils have allow you to draw straight lines so much easier with more control. I’ve never used this type before but I’m converted!
  • keep them in place with a brow mascara. I’m using a tinted one so I can lighten up my brows to match my hair colour
  • Apply a matte highlight all over your lid area to brow bone to brighten it up and create a blendable base that’s not tacky from the foundation.
  • Taking a matte brown and apply it above my crease on the outer edge of my eye. If you have hooded lids keep your eyes open for this then relax a bit more to blend this colour into your crease.
  • Now take a tiny bit of matte dark brown and apply it on the corner above your crease blending out well. This creates a really nice contour.
  • Take some of the cream colour again and apply it on your lid and browbone to create a highlight. Blend out the colour in an upward motion sweeping up to lift up your eyes.
  • I’m creating a winged eyeliner with a liquid style eyeliner which gives me cleaner lines.
  • Curling my lashes, I’m then applying a natural looking pair of lashes that are dense but not super long. You can use mascara as this step but false lashes actually are better for me because mascara likes to smudge after a few hours because my lids are just terribly oily and it does not look good.
  • Sweep the contour colour along the sides of your face, forehead and nose, anywhere you want to look slimmer and blend it out this formula is soft and natural compared to other contours I’ve tried. This application method creates a soft contour that you can wear during the day without it looking like a dirty patch of brown that you get with darker colours.
  • Apply a highlight to top of cheekbones, forehead and nosebridge and chin.
  • Using a lipliner, apply it to clean up your lip line.
  • Use a matte nude pink lipstick and applying it all over my lips.
  • Using a peachy orange toned stick blush apply it to your apples and blend up towards your temple.

Dutch Braid Hair Tutorial

  • Now for the hair create a clean split down your hair. This part is super important so use something like a special comb or back of a makeup brush or nails to split it evenly. If you don’t it’ll look funny on the back after you’ve braided it.
  • Tie one side up so you don’t accidentally braid it into the other side of hair.
  • Now take the front section, not going too far across if you have a wider forehead like me, and use a v sign and use it to section it into 3 sections.
  • Now I’m going to explain the braiding process using my jumper sleeves because I feel like it’s easier to see.
  • Now continue this braid all the way down making sure you pull the braids tight and facing the back. Otherwise you’ll have loose braids that are going in a strange direction. Also by the time you get to the nape of your neck you should have collected all your loose hair and should just be braiding as normal down. Your arms may get tired that’s normal but it’s worth it!
  • Tie it with a thin hair tie and do the same to the other side.


Try a plain midiff skivvy or tank and pair it with high waisted jeans. Make sure you’re feet are comfortable and I’m wearing these nike airmax theas. Also try wearing a cute choker and a backpack as accessories

Products Mentioned

Shu uemura Stage Performer Glow Booster Primer:
Face Architect Smooth Fit Fluid Foundation:
Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder
Shu uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow, 03 Ash Brown, 0.5 Pound
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar:
Shu uemura Glow On Blush Refill Beige930 Gold 010:
Shu Uemura Drawing Lip Pencil – # Rose Beige:
Colourpop Lippie Stix Lumiere:
Volare Cosmetics E03 – Blending Brush
Volare CosmeticsF03 – Blush/Powder Brush

Nike Women’s Air Max Thea Black/Wolf Grey/Anthrct/White Running Shoe :
Navy Top similar original from Holister co.:
Samantha Thavasa Backpack (similar):
Choker Top Shop see me haul it here:

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