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Travel Diaries: Adventure in beautiful Bali and Bali HAUL!!

Wow this blog post is like super super late eh? On holidays I always take so many photos and like after your holiday your so busy unpacking (usually takes me like more then a week to fully unpack) and like finding places to put your hauls as well that yea, going through the crappy amateur footage you’re truly takes, well takes ages to edit and put online.

Who suffers from the holiday photo syndrome??
The photo holiday syndrome is a name I made up (but would really love to see if you can come up with a better name for this – and I will replace this title and credit you) – for when you like start taking a LOT of photos and videos in the begining of the trip and then get mad lazy that by the end of your trip you’rel ike meh, ceebs taking more photos.
It like happens to me EVERY time. When I first land in a country it’s like omg!! That looks cool!! Oh that looks cool!! OMG Have to take a photo of this!!! 
Then things start to look the same
And suddenly your camera is so bothersome to take out
Then your personal hygiene goes down the drain because you’re wearing like the same clothes for like the 10th time because your trying to save on luggage space to bring more things back.
Then the hotel shampoo makes your hair look dead….
Then you are just totally unenthusiastic about taking photos…..yes…that’s me.
Yup, I managed to keep my stamina up ok for this Bali trip, but I’m in Fiji now and since we’re stuck on a resort I find myself taking out the camera less and less…haha sorry my next travel VLOG (Fiji) is shitty 😀

Should I go to Bali? Some highlights!

* Note all prices is explained in $AUD, please check currency conversion to see if it is just as cheap in your countries currency – $1 = 10,000 Balinese Rupia

I totally love Bali!! Bali is a Island off Indonesia, but it’s totally different than the city and more like a resort type city. The majority of the city is focussed around tourism, and the service is great and everyone seems very relaxed, and happy. Their religion is mainly Hindu, which is a contrast to Indonesia which is mainly muslim. 

If you live in a country like Australia and US where the currency is strong, and cost of living is higher you will find Bali very very affordable! Where normally the cheapest massage in Sydney is like $60 AUD in Bali, you can get massages for $5 hour or $15 for the more fancy places. It can go up to $60-$80 in the very fancy tourist massages but even the $15 are great already, theres no need to pay that much unless you’re after a luxury pamper session.
The food can also be very cheap! We managed to get like 4 McDonalds meals for under $15 AUD and the local food you can get for $3-4 AUD. You HAVE to try the fried chicken and rice patty combo in Bali! The chicken is better than KFC, even locals think so too! Also if you don’t have McSpicy Chicken burger in your country and you like spicy food, you also must try it – it’s super juicy. Check my vlog to see 🙂
The food in Bali is great it’s a mix of Balinese and Indoneisian food as well as a lot of places offering international cuisine to satisfy the tourist. They do a good job in all cuisines like Thai, western and more. They are also very good at making Ribs to satisfy the tourist, and they make it better then some places back in Australia! The western food there is more expensive though, so if you want to save money you can eat the local food and experience local culture too!
I highly recommend Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, the char grilled Satay sticks for some great local food. For drink you must try their famous Jasmine Ice tea called Teh Botoh as well as their fresh coconut juice! Young coconut is more soft and yummy.
For shopping, you can get brands for a little cheaper depending on your currency, and there are actually a lot of Australian brands available for a cheaper price as well as some Balinese brands that are on the higher end in places like Seminyak. Expect to pay around $30 for a top and $50 + for dresses. Which to me was pricy considering how cheap everything else was.
Going to Kuta markets and other market stands you see around can be a cheaper option to buy clothes, and although the quality is not as great, to me it’s actually all right! The beautiful fabric they use to make it, makes up for the clothes and most of the stores sell replica branded items which can be fun to bring back as souvenirs or I highly recommend you buy some of the summery dresses, maxi dresses and clothes made from Balinese fabrics which can be bought so cheap in the markets. Check out my haul video I have below to see what I got. But Maxi dresses can be bargained down to $5, and tops from $5 too and shorts and bottoms can be bought for $3-$4 as well! 
You have to buy a BinTang t-shirt back as presents or one for yourself! Bali is known for their Beer branded clothes and BinTang is a very popular beer brand in Bali. You will see so many tourists walking around with BinTang branded items.
One thins Bali is very known for as well is their aroma oils, they are really cheap and can be bought in the BinTang supermarket (well known and well-priced supermarket in Bali) and various tourists stores. Don’t pay more than $2 or so for them. Some fancy places can sell them for more then $4.

The best things to do in Bali:

  • Massages!!! And beauty treatments, they can range from $5 – $15 but all very cheap!
  • Market shopping! HEad to Kuta Square for market shopping
  • Stay in a Villa or a nicer accommodation, it’s very affordable in this country and if you stay in a 5 star international hotel I highly recommend you get BUFFET  BREAKFAST- amazing.
  • If you like quiet and relaxing avoid areas like Kuta, try quieter places like Jimbaran and Nusa Dua. If you want a mix of both try Seminyak which is closer to the city but also not too much backpackers and partyers. That being said, if you liek to party stay in Kuta it’s cheap and lots of fun people about!
  • Do outdoor sports like snorkling, paragliding, parasailing and diving!! All those activities are fun and great way to get your adventure side out. I did white water rafting and paragliding (amazing) and horse riding on the beach (also very romantic)
  • Explore culture through their culture tour where you visit Ubud volcano and temples like monkey temple. Try a cooking class up there too. Also try and visit a traditional Balinese house too, they live very traditionally.
  • EAT LOTS!!~ 🙂 One time the diet can be forgotten, how can you not try :D??
Anyways, I would like to share my Bali adventures with you through video!!! Let me know if your more interested in pictures, because I can do that too! (please comment if you prefer pictures cos I wanna know what is the best way to show you guys~)
OH P.S. If you don’t like shakey footage you probably don’t want to watch this – but I dunno try watching it and see if it makes you feel funny 😀

Also if you are the shopaholic type, you can view my Bali HAUL video here:

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