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October haul: #armswag in a cage and hair teaser

Hope everyone has been well :)!!! Just want to remind you if you haven’t entered my blog redesign giveaway please head over to this post and do it now! I emailed my first winner tonight so please keep checking your emails :)!! I’m really excited to work with this blogger :)!!!

I’ve been pretty lazy with my haul updates but I got such a good deal with these “arm swag” sets that I had to share. I’ve lately been captivated by #armswag on instagram and although I love the H bracelets and expensive accessories, it’s not really in my budget range right now (saving for trip to Japan and Korea = major makeup haulage money). I love how people have been stacking arm candy, but I’m also too lazy to spend a morning co-ordinating it, so I started looking for some already made sets of #armswag. Now, I’ve never really shopped at equip before since it used to carry some pretty ugly stuff, but I must admit they have revamped all their stock (they probably have for ages and I just haven’t been bothered to revisit them), but what girl can resist a “SALE” sign :)!! And a big thanks to Miss Senna for helping me shop 🙂 I was so unco trying to carry all my stuff!!

Anywho the big reveal.. dadadda dunnnnn

I’m pretty please with all my purchases, and it all cost under $17 from equip and $5 from Diva!!! Woot!!! You can see some price tags on some of them.
Who can leave without modelling shots :)??
Can’t wait to wear this with a pretty dress 🙂
this will look so good paired with the above set, or a gold bangle
one of my fave colors at the moment!
Something really attracted me about this ring, will be awesome paired with some other gold rings
can’t wait to layer this with my thick gold spikes – really wanted the aqua and lilac version of this but sold out!
Oh and I found the cutest birdcage shopping one day and you’ll NEVER guess where it came from. It was only $9!!! So cute!! Can anyone guess where it is from??
Yup, Kmart have also seriously stepped up their game in terms of stock, they had a few cute things in the “home decor” section! You should check it out, it’s pretty cheap too :)!!!
That’s all for today – time to sleep :)!! I want to leave you thought with a teaser for an upcoming hair tutorial I’ll be putting up sometime this week (when it’s not 1:38 am =.=….)
How to get from boring to sexy in 5 minutes ;)!! Or maybe 15, if you want to take your time ;)!!
mmmm 😉
Goodnight all :)!!!!! OYASUMI!!!

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    November 8, 2012 at 10:08 am

    Those armswag looks really nice, perfect for Summer! I should pay Equip and Diva a visit sometime soon.

    Looking forward to your upcoming post!

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