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Makeup tutorial: Enchanting Fairy Doll Look

Fairies are probably a very big part of a young girls life :)! I have a tinker bell bracelet I bought from H&M that I love very much (yup kids sections are the best)

I wanted to capture the shimmery mystical nature of fairies, using green contacts to capture the enchanting eyes, and green being the colour of nature seemed perfect. Since fairies all look like dolls, what really stood out to me was their porcelain skin, while hair and carefree nature.

They are supposed to naturally look beautiful!

Also since they are a mystical creature, I also wanted a hint of “cartooness” that will bring out their dreamlike qualities.

Fairy Doll

This week was sponsored by SkinFood, and although I LOVE their skincare products, I have their pomegranate sleeping mask and it smells so good and the black sugar and white rice scrubs, I’ve never used their make up before!!

So this was a bit of fun :)!!!

Gold Caviar Lifting Foundation #1 $55
Red Orange Sun Pact $35.90
Coffee Creamy Colorfit Eyeshadow #4 $29.90
Sweet Almond Liquid Eyeliner in Black $21
Lashes in Special #1 $4.50
Byulsatang Powder Shadow $19.90
Apple Can Mini Blusher in #3 Lavendar $27.90
Skinfood Vita Tok Lipstick $19.90

Step 1: Apply foundation and powder

Fairy’s have beautiful even skin, so lets start off by evening our complexion ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Apply foundation with a foundation brush or sponge and use your warm palms to melt it into your skin.
  • Also if you have some extra trouble areas, you can use a concealor or layer your foundaiton.
  • Set your foundation by using a face powder and sweeping it gently across your face.

Product review

SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Foundation

To be honest, this is becoming my favourite foundation. It’s so light and watery but has good coverage. You can tell it is so high quality and the pigments are so finely milled that it just glides on thinly and evenly. I love how it has lifting effects too ๐Ÿ™‚

SKINFOOD Red Orange Sun Pact

Not only does this give you great sun protection, it’s a really great compact. What I noticed about skin food’s compact is the powder is SOOO fine, it automatically makes your skin look poreless!!

Step 2: Eyeshadow 

Fairies have shimmery but natural eyeshadows so I wanted to create some definition too, since fairies have deep creases nice double eyelids.

  • I used the light green colour (top left of the quad) all over the eyelid. I used my fingers to blend the eyeshadow in to my skin.
  • To add extra shimmer I used the peachy pearl colour (bottom left of the quad) all along my brow bone and blended it down to the green.
  • Next step is to use the dark grey (top right of the quad) and define your crease and the sweep it out into a V shape and join with your bottom lashes. Blend it out to soften the dark colour. When you open your eyes it should make your crease look deeper and give you a subtle smokey effect on the corners.

Product review

SKINFOOD Coffe Creamy Colorfit Eyeshadow #4

This product is very shimmery, smooth and soft. The pigments are very fine, but the color payoff is quite subtle. There wasn’t a huge difference in colours, except for the dark colour and the effect is very subtle.
This is perfect for the natural shimmery look I was going for, and will be a great eyeshadow if you just want a natural shimmer and glow without too much colour.

Step 3: Line and lash

I wanted the lashes to really stand out in this look and almost create a cartoon effect. Since fairies are mystical and usually depicted in art drawings and cartoons, I wanted to capture this by creating a fluttering almost fake cartoon like lash. This pair of lashes from SkinFood was perfect for this because it  had long strands with a gap, like how you would draw anime eyes.
Also to emphasise these lashes I skipped mascara.

  • Apply the liquid liner as close to your natural lashes as possible and also on just the inner corner of your bottom lashes. We want to create a natural eye and bring out the lashes so keep the eyeliner simple and just thick enough to hide your lash band.
  • Apply the shimmery white powder liner (Byulsatang powder shadow) on the bottom lash line to create some shimmery eyebags and sweep it up the inner corners and blend up.
  • Apply your false lashes to the top only.
  • Also keep a natural brow and make it as thin as possible. Try and make it go from thick to thin.

Product review

SKINFOOD Sweet Almond Liquid Eyeliner in Black

This was a great eyeliner, with a fine tip. Very easy to control and quite pigmented!

SKINFOOD Lashes in Special #1

These lashes were perfect to create the cartoony eyelash look, and the glue was so easy to use with the stick applicator. Much better then the squeezy tubes that get messy. The glue kind of had a purply glow to it which allowed you to easily see where you applied it, and dries invisible.

SKINFOOD Byulsatang Powder Shadow #3 Pearl Pink

This had a great applicator sponge and came in a twist tube. It’s very shimmery and was perfect to capture the dazzling eyes of the fairy. You may want to apply this with a base for your eyelids ans the product is so fine it make float around as well if you are too rough with the application.

Step 4: Cheeks and highlights

I wanted to use a almost fake pink shade for the cheeks and found a great lavender (pinky purple) shade . Apply this strongly so you look like your cheeks are drawn on ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Use the lavender blush and sweep it up your cheeks starting at the apples.
  • Build the colour until it is very noticable on your face, but keep the colour contained and not blended too much so it looks drawn on.

Product review

SKINFOOD Apple Can Multi Blusher #3 Lavendar

This blush came with a build in cheekbone highlighting colour on the top so all I had to do is rub the fluffy puff in and sweet it with the light colour on my cheek bone, and it created instand gradient cheeks! Amazing!! The colour payoff was really good too, what you see above is maybe 3 sweeps of the product, so it’s possible to use it much more naturally as well.

Step 5: Oh those lips

Fairies had dainty and rosebud lips. I chose a natural slightly orange colour, that contrasts well with the green contacts. I also redrew my lip shape so it’s more rosebud like with a bigger cupids “v”. This makes your lips look incredibly delicate and cute.

  • Apply foundation or a lip concealer all over lips and then set it with the face powder to create a matt base.
  • Apply the lipstick on, I used a very shiny and moisturising formula.
  • I then used a angled brush and my concealer to draw the lip line, focus on creating the v, and then make sure the top like is small and compact, like the top od a heart.
  • Blend the foundation up and use powder to set it.

Product review

Vita Tok Lipstick in OR02

This lipstick was so smooth in applying and very moisturising. It is almost like a tint so hence use a concealer base if you need the colour to be pure and bright. It also emphasises any flakies so make sure you exfoliate and moisturise well before applying.


To finish off your look, make sure you create wild and natural hair and fina hair accessory with leaves and flowers. That’s how fairies like to decorate themselves ๐Ÿ™‚ With plants and nature!!
I used a triple barrel hair curler (yes those weird ones that look like three sticks are glued together) to create my natural waves. These waves look more natural and go really well with the flower crowns ๐Ÿ™‚
Make sure you part your hair in the middle, a side part looks almost too “made up” for a fairy ๐Ÿ™‚

Finished Look

I really loved how my pink hair works with this look (so glad I dyed it before this tutorial) 
If you like this look don’t forget to vote for my look on the @tampines1 instagram account (Will start on Friday and I’ll keep you posted on my own instagram account @misswen) 

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    Misa Lee
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    Wengieeee you look so adorable and untouchable just like fairies xD love your hair and the eyelashes look so good! Good luck on the contest ๐Ÿ™‚ skinfood is definitely high quality brand I love their bb cream and skincare too ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Wow Wengie you look so fantastic in the final photos! I really adore this look. Great tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Rei Kouken
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    Your pink hair goes perfectly with this look x3 You should wear flower head dresses more often!


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    Very cute tutorial! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Awesome tutorial! You're so beautiful! Your hair looks absolutely amazing too!
    Have you/Will you do a tutorial on how you made it look like that? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    Your best contest entry yet. Yeah the pink hair totally works for the look. Great job Weng ๐Ÿ™‚

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    oh so pretty! great look

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    miss ripleys
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    April 11, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    This is a lovely Make Up tutorial! *-* Gonna try it soon, but Iยดm a MakeUp noob and I think I canยดt do it perfectly like you xD
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    I like how natural the color choices are but how soft and fairy-like they came out c: The color scheme of the makeup + pink hair remind me of Just Be Friends sung by Megurine Luka

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