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I’m totally addicted to Instagram

So, I think I have a problem, and the fact that my 1 gig data plan has been blown is a pretty good indication that my problem is in fact real. I haven’t been able to separate myself form my mobile device and instagram for quite some time now. I have this new obsession with getting more followers…

This obsession is bordering on unhealthy. I’ve gotten to the point where I am started to TEST out theories on getting followers. I’ve tried the like people’s photos method which got me some followers. I’ve moved onto the follow other people to get more followers. I’ve also updated my profile to an inspirational quote, hoping to motivate people to follow me.

I think I must have tried and tested many many theories throughout the past few weeks. The most effective is a combination of follow and like. I find that people that have a lot of followers already are more likely to follow you, people that have less are less likely to follow you. Go figure.

I think I’ve ranted enough about my instagram follower obsession. I’m just trying to kill time while I wait for Telstra customer service to tell me when my data pack is going to reset so I can rekindle this need for instagram.

And yay! I have an extra gig! I’m happy now!

I managed to do my nails while I waited 🙂

If you have instagram please follow me @misswen

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