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Halloween Cooking: Sweet and Savoury Treats that are Healthy and low in calories

Healthy Halloween Recipes!

It’s time to put down the candy and walk away from the chocolate bars 🙂 As tempting as they are, the sugar hits and processed food isn’t that great for you :(!
I am a firm believer that you can still enjoy the holidays though without all the diet breaking food! After all good skin come to those that practice self control :)!!
All the recipes I have for you are healthy alternatives and are low in calories, which means you can eat more of them and not worry about your waistline or breaking out!

Most of these recipes are under 100 calories!! 

Here are the recipes, or scroll to the end for the video tutorials 🙂

Bloody jelly tea cups 

(62 calories per 100g)

Jelly is super low in calories and you can also purchase the lite version for less sugar as well.


  • A packet of jelly powder in a dark red. 
  • Your favourite tea cup to set it in, or any cup really.


  1. Pour the powder and add water, following the instructions on your jelly packet. 
  2. Pour the mixture into your favourite tea cup and put it in the fridge to set.
  3. After 4 hours you’ll have a bloody tea cup. 

These are perfect for parties served in plastic cups

Lychee and blueberry eyeballs 

(Lychee: 19 calories + Blueberry: Less than 1 calorie each)

Serve up a plate of bloody fruity eyeballs for halloween. This snack is made of fruit so it’s good for you :)! Full of antioxidants and super yummy!


  • A can of lychee’s you can pip fresh ones too if you’d like. 
  • And some blueberries.


  1. Take your lychees and stuff them with blueberries to make the pupil. Make as many as you want. It’s that easy!

There we have it a plate of scary looking eyeballs, that is perfect for any sweet tooth. Keep them chilled as well, if you are going to serve them later.

Ghosty strawberries

(One piece of white chocolate: 27 calories + Strawberry: 4 calories for a medium one)

Strawberries can be spooky too! The ghostly strawberries taste so good, you’re going to want more than one plate!


  • Strawberries, 
  • white chocolate melts 
  • and black icing for decoration. You can also use dark chocolate and a bobby pin.


  1. Melt your white chocolate melts on the stove according to the instructions. Make sure it’s runny and completely melted.
  2. Now take your strawberries and cover it with white chocolate. You can use a spoon and pour the white chocolate over your strawberries to cover. I also dipped them in icy water as well to set them before putting them on a plate.
  3. Place them in the fridge for at least half an hour so the chocolate can set. Use your icing pen and draw some cute eyes. You can change up the expressions too.

There we have it! Simple strawberries covered in white chocolate that are pretty scary. Well actually they are pretty cute :)! mmmm

The Dipping Graveyard

(Carrots 1 cup chopped: 52 calories, Cucumbers 1 cup chopped: 16 calories, Wheat cracker: 9 calories per cracker, Dip check your dip label – this was 25 calories per serve)

What can be healthier than veggie sticks! With the right dip, they are so yummy as well!


  • A Carrot, cucumber or your favourite veggies, 
  • your faouvirte dip, I have a capcisum and paprika dip, 
  • and some rectangular wheat crackers.


  1. First wash your veggies and peel off the skin. Slice up your veggies into sticks. Remember to get adult supervision if you never sliced up veggies before. Once you’ve cut up your veggies! place them aside.
  2. Pour your dip in in a bowl and place your veggies in your dip. Take your crackers that look like tombstones and place them around your dip.

Who knew that a graveyard can be so healthy? These tombstones and veggie sticks work so well with the gross looking bloody dip. It’s tastes a lot yummier than it looks.

Eyeball Onigiri

(Approximately 168 calories per ball depending on how big you make it)

Mm these onigiri eyeballs are so tasty and filled with Tuna and Mayo!


  • Cooked short grain or sushi rice, 
  • Tuna, 
  • and mayo 
  • as well as some seaweed sheets.


  1. Start with mixing your tuna with some mayo and add some salt and pepper to season. 
  2. Wet your hands with cold water so the rice don’t stick and take some rice into your hands and mould it to your palm. 
  3. Poke a hole in the middle and add your tuna filling. 
  4. Add some rice on top and mould it into a ball. 
  5. Cut a seaweed circle to make the eyeball pupil and stick it in the middle! 
  6. You can add some eyebrows if you like, for some character.
That’s it easy tuna and mayo onigiri riceballs! These are so yummy, and filling :)! You can try other fillings too so get creative! MM squishy eyeball goodness!

Toasty Mummy Men

(Approximately 128 calories per slice of bread and 113 calories per slice of cheese)

These mummy’s have come out from the afterlife all cheesy and toasty!


  • Wholemeal bread, 
  • a slice of chedder cheese 
  • and a cookie cutter in the shape of a person.


  1. Start by cutting your piece of bread into people shapes. I fit two men per slice of bread.
  2. Now take your cheese and cut it into thin strips. This will be your mummy’s bandages.
  3. Place your men on a oven friendly plate or tray and lay out your cheese into a bandage pattern. 
  4. Toast your bread in the grill for a couple of minutes until it is brown. Take them out with oven mitts, be careful your plate will be hot! 
  5. You can add creepy bandage shadow with your black icing or marmite or veggimite and a bobby pin!

Now your cheesy mummy men are ready to eat!! They are so cute that I almost don’t want to take a bite! If you’re having a party make sure you make enough as they go quick!

Tell me your cooking requests

I’d love to hear any cooking requests from you guys :)! I super love cooking and I’m glad I can share my cooking with you :D~~~

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