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Everyday Neutral Toned Eye Makeup Tutorial | Wengie

I’ve been loving the neutral eye look for as long as I can remember. In today’s tutorial I want to show you how I achieve my go to eye look that I’ve been wearing pretty much every day. I’ve tried to keep the colours and tools that I use simple so this look can be achieved easily. I’m a huge fan of simplicity. The best thing about this look is that it is neutral enough so that you can pretty much pair it with any lip colour to change up the look.

It’s important to look after your brows and lashes when going for a neutral look as you want to bring out these features. I’ve been using the Lilash serum to promote hair growth for both my brows and lashes and it’s super easy to apply and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The formula was developed by a physician and tested and approve by ophthalmologists. Just apply the lash serum like a liquid liner along your lash line. And for the brows apply the serum to any areas you feel are sparse and need a bit of nudging in the growth department. It’s best to do this once a day at night after you cleanse your face.

Everyday Neutral Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. I’m going to start off by applying a brow mascara to lighten my brows to match my hair. You can skin this if you don’t need it. Then I’m going to use an angled brush and some brow gel to fill in my brows. You can use a eyebrow pencil, crayon or powder for this too.
  2. Next I’m going to clean up the shape by using a concealer and a concealer brush and applying a thin layer on the outlines of my brows. This creates a sharp line and cleans up any over applied brow product.
  3. For the eyelids start off with a eyeshadow base to help your eyeshadows hold. This will make a huge difference too if you have oily lids like myself.
  4. For the eyeshadows I’m going in with 3 neutral shades that are very versatile and easy to work with.
  5. The first shade is the highlighting colour that show be 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. I usually prefer colours with a slight pearl or shimmer.
  6. The second shade should be a matt taupe or medium brown thats 1-2 shades darker then your skin tone. A matt shade can keep it looking less glittery and more neutral and natural.
  7. The 3rd shade is a darker brown that is about 3-4 shades darker and can provide a contour effect and add a bit of depth to your lids.
  8. To start I’m going to apply a highlighter colour on my brow bone. It will also help your brows stand out more if you apply it just underneath the arch blending out. I’m using a flat eyeshadow brush for this because it gives you great colour payoff when you apply it. Next use this same highlighting colour and apply it on the inner corners of your eyes and on your lids. Next i’m going to take this same colour from the inner corners into the middle of my lower lash line for some added brightness. This will open your eyes and make you appear more awake.
  9. Next I’m going in with a matte taupe colour and applying it ABOVE my crease. Apply it along the outer 3rd of your eyelids just above your crease line. It should end in the outer corner when you draw a line from the sides of your nose up to the corner of your eyes. I’m using a back and forth motion to blend the colours in for a softer look.
  10. I’m going in with a darker brown this time and applying it on the crease blending it in with a windscreen wiper motion. This will add a contour colour and add more depth to your eyes.  I’m using a smaller point brush for this because it’s such a small area and I need more accuracy.  Blend it in well.
  11. Next I’m going to take the same brush and apply the excess dark brown along the outer half of my lower lashes and blending it up into the corners of my eyes. Blend this into the highlighter colour that you placed before.
  12. Now take a fluffy brush and blend your shadow using a wind screen wiper motion.
  13. I also like to pack on a bit more highlighter to the middle of my lids at the end to give it more volume and make it pop.
  14. Finally if you’re eyes are extra tired and you need a pick me up using a white shimmer liner and line your lower waterline and the inner corners of your eyes for an extra burst of brightness
  15. The most important part of this look are your lashes. Curl them well with a eyelash curler that suits your eye socket. The curler should hug around the shape of your socket and not catch and pink your skin. Move from the root of your lashes and use tight squeezes to move your way towards the top of your lashes. You can see how big a difference curled lashes make to your eyes.
  16. Next go in with a mascara, you can use a waterproof mascara if you have oily lids and are prone to smudging it. Apply as many coats as you want. I usually apply 2 coats before I feel like it looks too clumped, but this depends on your mascara and whether you love clumpy lashes or not. The lilash serum will help your lashes grow so you have more to work with and they have 90 day money back guarantee with international shipping.
  17. Apply mascara to your lower lash lashes too and use a card to keep it from going onto your lower lids. Otherwise you can also use a mascara with a small brush that’s specially designed for lower lashes. Move your brush from side to side to build up the volume of your lower lashes. See how much of a difference just lashes make this whole look!
  18. I’m going to quickly finish off the other side now that I’ve shown you how big a difference it makes!
  19. I’m now going to finish off with a liquid liner. I like to draw a clean extended line out following the natural curve of my eyes from the middle of my lids out. This is because I feel it elongates the eye without changing the shape of it. Also I don’t like to apply eyeliner all the way along my upper lashes because I feel like it reduces the precious lid space making it appear like I have very thin eyelids. If you have more space here you can choose to line along the whole upper lash line. You can also use a pen or a gel liner if you prefer these formulations.
  20. Finally finish off with a bit of colour on your cheeks and your favourite lipstick and gloss.

And there we have it! A neutral toned eye make up look that I absolutely love wearing at the moment. I love how it pairs so well with everything and it looks so natural but really makes your eyes pop at the same time. Wear it with your favourite lipstick colour and dress it up or down!!

Don’t forget to wear this look with a smile.

Tell me what your current go to eye make up look? I love to get inspired by your answers!

Make life beautiful

Much love,


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    Vivian Yuen
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    Love the simple eyes and bright lip!

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