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DIY Edible Instant ICE!! Freeze Water in Seconds like MAGIC!!

To do this you will need bottles of distilled or purified water. I used Spring water and it worked fine! Put the bottles in the freezer sideways with a gap between each bottle for 2-3. You basically take it out 15 minutes before the first icicles appear in the water if you want to figure out the perfect timing for you! Ours was around 2.5 hours at -22 degrees.

The first way is probably the easiest and super amazing to watch! Remove it carefully and don’t shake it too much or you might activate the ice! Then simply slam it down on the table and you’ll see it turn into ice instantly in front of your eyes!!

We decided to try it again with some food dye to see if it’ll work!! It did but it was harder to tell with the colour in it!! It was so fun though!! Don’t wait too long though or it may not freeze if the water gets too warm!

Grab any kind of glass jar or container and pour the bottled water in quickly! Then all you need to do to activate your super freezing powers is to drop an ice cube in there and the you’ll see the icicles start forming like sharp crystals around it! Omg it’s so pretty!!
How it works is that this water even though it’s not ice it’s at the temperature which it should be ice but it doesn’t freeze because there’s no impurities for the freezing process to start. In this case we drop the ice cube in there to give a kick start to the freezing process!!

This looks super cool in a martini glass or similar! Pour the bottle water into the glass quickly and carefully! Lift up the glass to the bottle to make this easier. Then simply grab a ice cube and submerge it into the surface!!! You’ll see it all turn into ice then simply remove your fingers and the ice cube should be frozen in place!! Super cool!! You can also do this with a drop of food dye in the glass before you pour your water in to make coloured icy water martinis!! Add some lemon or lime juice after for an icy and fun drink!!!

Finally I saved the best till last!!! Place some ice cubes on the bottom of a bowl to activate the freezing process! Then simply and quickly pour the water directly onto it and you can build your own ice tower!! Move your bottle up quickly because if you accidentally touch the tower with the bottle lid – it’ll freeze up the opening and stop the process!! I tried it again with some food dye and it looked amazing!! Once you’re done turn this into the perfect healthy snowcone in a cup by adding some flavoured syrup or juice and some berries or fruits! Or you can use it to pretend to be a unicorn!!!

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