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Benefit Your Brows #Magicbrows


This post was sponsored by Sephora

When it comes to brow products I really don’t as for much. I want a product that makes my brows on fleek with as little effort as possible. Haha ok, so maybe I do ask for a lot.

I remember when I was young the only brow product I’ve ever seen or used was a really bold brow pencil that made you basically look angry so I never really enjoyed using brow products or even used a brow product at all till even maybe after University…I know right. I’m a bad person.

Brow products have come a long way though and these days some of the brow products released are literally fool proof and by that I mean’ any one with little brow make up experience can use it. Since brows pretty much frame the face and can make a HUGE difference in your overall look choosing the right product that works with your own skill level and needs is incredibly important. Just to illustrate this point here is me WITHOUT brows. Sexy huh?


So I was really excited when I heard that Benefit launched their new brow collection and I said yes straight away when Sephora asked me to review it! Thanks Sephora you’re the best :)!!  I don’t have to worry about giving my personal opinions on a sponsored campaign by  because they rarely stock products that aren’t AMAZING. This was no exception.

When the package arrived it was breath taking. Here is a pictorial demonstration of the experience.

Benefit Brows Wengie

Benefit Brows Wengie

Benefit Brows Wengie

Benefit Brows Wengie

Benefit Brows Wengie

Benefit Brows Wengie

Benefit Brows Wengie

Benefit Brows Wengie-bene

Benefit Brows Wengie


I was so excited because I had never seen so many brow products in one collection before!! They’ve literally thought of everything from brow bone highlights, to defined pencil lining and even a brow serum to encourage brow growth. They had so many brow solutions that I spent a long time just absorbing it all, and I look at makeup products on a regular basis so this is why I’m here to go through it all with you and explain why you may need it and what my first impressions of the products are! But before we being can we just take a moment and take in the beauty of the packaging!

Benefit Brows Wengie

The diamond concept is simply stunning. That’s it. I have no other words. Just pictures 😀

BrowVo Conditioning Primer

Since we’ve got primers for the eyes, and face why not for the brows? This is absolute genius!!! Why have I not got one!!  Since it’s summer for a lot of I’m sure this will come in handy with our brows are fighting with our sweat. If you watched my makeup struggles video you would know all too well the pain of wiping off your brows in the middle of a hot day. So this keeps your brows on for longer and also the formula is nutrient rich with keratin and soy proteins which help your brows look fuller and healthier over time. So even wear it overnight as part of your skincare routine for some brow lovin while you sleep. The formula is really lightweight and it doesn’t feel heavy at all so even though I was skeptical about adding an extra product in my brow routine this was definitely not something you would notice feeling heavy!


Goof Proof Brow Pencil

First things first. This is a 12 hour waterproof formula. Hell yes since I’m heading up to the Great Barrier Reef soon for a beach getaway. But also I want to explain why it’s Goof Proof aka as me proof because I have been known to be really rushed or lazy when I do my brows so I was pretty excited to put it to the test. First of all the angled tip is not a new shape, I’ve been using shapes like this for a while and it’s always been my go to shape. However this tip in particular was extra sharp on one end making defined lines much easier to draw and also can be used flat to quickly fill in brows and here’s one for you low maintenance girls – you also don’t need to sharpen it!! The formulation also was Goof Proof in that it wasn’t overly pigmented so you’re just going to get a very soft and natural looking brow especially after you blend it with the spoolie brush on the other sided of it. It comes in 6 colours too so there’s always one for you. I personally used #2 and thought it matched my hair colour perfectly since it was light but also cool toned enough to match which is something hard to find in a lot of brands. I would say get this product if you’re into no fuss polished brows that need a little more filling.

Benefit Brows Wengie

Totally “Me” Proof XD

Precisely, My Brow Pencil

I have been a huge fan of the Anastasia brow whiz and it was one of the first products I’ve used all off. I really wanted to say hit pan but there was no pan. This ultra-fine brow defining pencil is just as good, is 12 hours waterproof as well and the bonus is the packaging is like 100x cuter!!! So if I had a choice of course this one!! It just makes me feel happy when I look at it. I’m a simple girl. What I love about this though is the tip is so fine and the consistency is also “goof proof” as in it’s not super pigmented so you can get a defined brow but still have it look soft and not overdone. The thin tip as well gives you freedom to do little hair strokes to create a even more natural looking brow if you want to. This is actually my fave brow pencil out of the whole collection! Also comes in 6 shades with some amazing options for cool toned blonde hair (#2)!


Gimme Brow Brow-Volumising Fiber Gel

If you follow my makeup tutorials you’ll know that I can never do without a brow mascara! So when I saw gimme brow my eyes lit up!! This not only adds colour to your brows it actually makes them look thicker and fluffier and the formula is water resistant. Fuller brows are definitely a look that’s flattering on everyone! It works like how mascara works on your lashes and builds a bit of length and thickness which you can build up and this is the perfect thing to apply on the inner part of your brow for extra cute points! Most brow mascaras I find have a low color payoff or are too warm toned or are too dark or don’t come in a good ash blonde color to match my crazy hair. I have to say color #1 in this collection is perfect. Also when I use brow mascaras sometimes my brows feel hard and crusty, but this formula is incredibly flexible and soft which makes your brows still feel like brows!

Ready, Set, Brow! 24-Hour Invisible Shaping & Setting Gel for Brows

For those that are happy with the volume and colour of their natural brows you can try the ready set brow! I remember using a clear brow setting gel for my brows but stopped because 1. my brows felt super hard but the worst thing was, it used to have these weird white/clear looking flakes that appear when you accidentally rub your brows. Probably even worse a look than just going au- natural. This formula does not do that and it lasts for 24 hours. We are so lucky that beauty technology is getting better! ‘

wengie benefit

Perfect for defining the ends!


This product sounds like the end of a magic show but it’s actually a Cream-Gel brow color with a angled brush hidden in the lid for clean filled in brows. The cream gel lasts up to 24 hrs and is also waterproof. The colour is also build able so you can go from soft looking brows to more dramatic defined brows. I would pick darker colours for a more defined effect too and the angled brush is actually really easy to control to draw clean straight lines!

wengie benefit

This is the perfect color!

Brow Zings Total Taming & Shaping Kit for Brows

You can’t have a brow collection without your good old brow wax and powder combo! This the product you wear for a natural everyday look and it also comes with a shaping kit and little brushes for the perfect application. I’d definitely throw one of these in my purse for browmergencies!


Ok so hands down this is a product for brows I’ve never used before! I looked at it and pretty much thought to myself, they have EVERYTHING for brows. This is basically a mascara like product that creates subtle brow-enhancing highlights. What does this mean you ask? Well I asked that to myself. It basically gives a 3 dimensional look to your brows making them look even fluffier and fuller. It’s pretty much strobing for the brows. It’s not a must have but definitely a fun product if you want to take your brows to the next level!

High Brow & High Brow Glow Brow Highlighting Pencils

Speaking of strobing for the brows. This product is a crayon that creates a strobe for your brow bone. At least if you get the glow version. If you want a more natural highlight you can get the high brow. These brow highlighters have replaced the need for applying a browbone highlight with eyeshadow and for good reason. You can clean up the lines of your arch and the formula is much more bendable and moist looking. I’ve tried similar products before and sometimes the finish is a bit patchy or thick for my liking but I’m really happy with the High Brow Glow formula. It’s super soft thin and bendable. I saved this to last because it was one of my face from the collection! Just look at the finish!

wengie benefit

Look at that glow!


wengie benefit

These products are magic for my brows!

Wow I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and reviewed so many amazing brow products in one sitting. I’m thoroughly impressed with all the products in this range with the stand outs being the colour matching with colour #2 being just gorgeous with my hair colour and also the fact that all the brow mascara formulations remain so soft and flexible!  Don’t forget to check out the entire range at Sephora.

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