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3CE X Sephora Haul

* This is a post sponsored by Sephora but all opinions are my own.

I’ve always loved 3CE products because of their sleek packaging and very pigmented (at least compared to a large majority of Korean products) application. Most of all I am absolutely in love with Park Sora and if this makeup line keeps her looking sleek well, I’m literally sold.

So when Sephora sent me a package of 3CE products and asked me to do a review of them I was literally jumping on the opportunity and asking them when I can get my hands. I got these personally delivered to me when I travelled to Singapore and I was one happy girl!! I was also really happy that Sephora was stocking this brand because previous to this I had to order these online site unseen but now they can be bought from my local Sephora and you can even go in and swatch them!

This is the package they sent to me. I decided to arrange them in a flatlay with black metal and lace concept because that’s so 3CE, just cool and elegant.

3CE at Sephora Wengie


The first product was the 3CE Back To Baby BB Cream and I was really excited to try it. I have a HUGE drawer of BB creams enough to cover my body a hundred times over and I’m pretty picky which it comes to formulation. Also my skin is dry so I needed something that makes it look moist and keeps it in good condition.



When I applied this BB cream I noticed that it was incredibly moisturising on my skin (without looking oily) it even has a moist but matte formulation which is what I like. Apparently it contains crystal water, diamond powder, and pearl powder whig gives you the amazing baby glow. The coverage was around medium so it is a great everyday product. This is perfect if you like thicker moisturising products. If you like lighter formulations that are more liquid, keep reading.


Next up is the 3 Concept Eyes Glossing Waterful Foundation which I was like hmm it better live up to it’s name by being super water – which it was. It nada dewier finish compared to the bb cream and it was very thin. When they said light weight they weren’t kidding. This is perfect if you only like a light foundation feeling on your face. The coverage is able to be built up but I would suggest you use concealor on those areas and then let this foundation give your skin a dewy glow while still letting your natural skin show through. Perfect for the no makeup makeup look! It also as SPF15!


Has a convenient dropper for hygiene and product distribution

Has a convenient dropper for hygiene and product distribution


As you know I’ve been obsessed with stick and cream blushes like I did haul like 30 of them and made a video. What really surprised me about the 3CE Creamy Cheek Stick blush was how pigmented it was but still able to be blended out because it just was so soft!! It’s perfect for a more cute dramatic blush effect which I feel is super adorable when done on the apples of your cheeks! Think Igari style makeup!!

3ce-creamy-cheek-stick-wengieIf a softer powered blush finish is more your thing you can try the 3CE Duo Color Face Blush which comes in 2 complimentary colours which you can wear separately or together. I used these two colours blended out to contour and make my cheekbones stand out. The lighter colour on my cheekbones and the darker peach just below for a flushed contoured look!



Finally one product that stood out was the 3CE Super Slim Pen Eyeliner which comes in a pen texter form. I didn’t think this product could impress me since I used my fair share of eyeliner pens in my life but when it says slim. It literally was SLIM. Now I know how Park Sora gets her super FINE eyeliner line. You can see me trying to mimic her eyeliner style here and it was really flattery and natural. The pigmentation was great and solid even thought it was so fine so it gave a dark defined line. This was in brown and looks just dark enough to make a impact without it looking black. Great colour for those that want a softer more natural look without going totally “brown”. As I’m typing this ours later it’s still going strong on my oily lids :). Just don’t rub your eyes though!



Out of all these products I’m most obsessed with the foundation, BB cream and eyeliners!!! I’m definitely going to be popping into Sephora to try more :)!!


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