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10 Hair Hacks You Must Try + Sugarbearhair Vitamins Giveaway

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Good Hair Starts on the Inside

Getting the right vitamins is super important for great hair!! It’s also way more effective than any other treatment but of course you need to be more patient to see the results. Lets have a look at what vitamins are important for hair health:

Omega-3 fatty acids are important fats our body cannot make itself, and therefore must be obtained through our diet. Omega-3s are found in the cells that line the scalp and also provide the oils that keep your scalp and hair hydrated. Look out for oily fish such as salmon, herring, sardines, trout and mackerel and plant sources including avocado, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron so foods high in vitamin C are good to eat in conjunction with iron-rich foods. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant so is used readily by the body. The best sources are blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya, strawberries and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen that strengthens the capillaries that supply the hair shafts.

Oats – For the love of your locks, you need to eat more oats. ‘They have high amounts of zinc, biotin, magnesium and potassium,’ says Foy. ‘A deficiency in these key nutrients can lead to more brittle hair and more breakage.’

Vitamin A is needed by the body to make sebum. Sebum is an oily substance created by our hairs sebaceous glands and provides a natural conditioner for a healthy scalp. Without sebum we may experience an itchy scalp and dry hair. Include animal products and orange/yellow coloured vegetables which are high in beta-carotene (which makes vitamin A) such as carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin. Too little biotin can cause brittle hair and may lead to hair loss. Include biotin rich foods such as wholegrains, liver, egg yolk, soy flour and yeast.

Scalp protection involves other important minerals, notably zinc and selenium. A lack of zinc can lead to hair loss and a dry, flaky scalp. Fortified cereals and wholegrains are a good source of zinc along with oysters, beef and eggs.

Protein – need a good amount as our hair is made of protein, obviously meat but if ur veggo, legumes and nuts.

Iron is an especially important mineral for hair and too little iron (anaemia) is a major cause of hair loss. Vegetarians can raise their iron stores by including lentils, spinach and other leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, kale and salad greens.

Sugarbear is a great supplement to ensure that you’re getting all the vitamins needed to ensure the health of your hair because lets face it sometimes we just don’t have time to eat all them goodies in one day!! Take 2 a day and let these supper yummy bears do that work!! They are 100% natural and vegetarian friendly. Seriously it’s so cute and delicious I’d just eat them anyways!! You can grab them at or on Amazon.

Best natural scalp & hair mask

A great cost effective and natural treatment without weighing down your hair is using a coconut oil mask before you shower!

Melt 2 tsp (or more of) coconut oil into glass cup and melt in warm bowl
Massage into scalp and hair
Comb it out distributing evenly
Let it set for 30 minutes
Then wash it out in the shower

This hack is like 3 hacks in one! Coconut oil is full of antioxidants and and antimicrobials and also has ingredients to promote the health of your scalp, strengthens ur hair and promotes growth
It also helps lock in hair colour for those who have dyed hair (like me) which means longer lasting colour and saves you money from not having to constantly visit the hairdresser. Lastly by brushing the coconut oil through your hair before you shower, it straightens all the kinks in your hair so that it is much easier to brush afterwards

Want a high looking ponytail but also want length

I use this hack to create a high ponytail that also has plenty of length. This is great for when youve just cut your hair shorter but still want to rock the high ponytail but not have that awkward medium length tail.

Its also great because it splits your hair into 2 sections so your high ponytail isn’t carrying as much weight which means it’ll be less likely to fall lower through the day.

Just split your hair into 2 sections and tie one pony tail a little bit under the first one using the top pony tail to hide it.

Dry Shampoo Hacks

Washing your hair too often is actually bad for it, I try to limit my washes to twice a week at most
Sometimes towards the end when you’re trying to leave your hair unwashed for one more day
But you can feel that the scalp is getting greasy

Its time for dry shampoo right?

It actually takes time for it to work so if you use it in the morning, your hair won’t be ready for styling in time.

Also if your hair is super greasy and you use too much, you’ll get a nasty coat of white powder on your hair. Use it the night before, as much as you want

It’ll work itself into your hair overnight and give you back your volume by morning
If you have dry powdery build up, just give it a quick blow dry and ur ready!
If you dont dry shampoo, in a pinch, you can use corn starch, baby powder, translucent powder

Don’t dry your hair with a towel

Long fibres of towel cause friction and frizz, which leads to damage and breakage so instead use cotton t-shirt to dry instead of a towel – much more gentle and highly absorbent.

I wring my hair out, then pat dry with a towel. Then I use this way of wrapping my hair with my old shirts and just leave it. Added benefit is that I’m avoiding heat as well

If you have heaps of hair like me, a quick way to get curls is do your hair in a ponytail

Split it into 6 sections and then curl each section

It’s way faster than doing each section with hair down and a great hack if your lazy or in a rush for effortless curls.

Hair Brush hacks

My hair brushes get dirty real quick. You can feel all the oil and product on the bristles. Use a comb or skewer to remove the clumped up hair, and then a toothbrush to clean the bristles with shampoo

With your new brush, don’t spritz perfume on it as it can dmg ur hair more
Use a dryer sheet which will not only get rid of frizz/static, but also keep your hair smelling fresh

3 classic hairspray hacks

  1. Spray some hairspray onto a toothbrush to brush back and hold down the flyways.
  2. Spray some hairspray on a kabuki brush to clean up the flyways for a clean chic parting
  3. Spray some hairspray on your bobby pin for extra hold

Cut off split ends yourself

Either twist your hair and cut off split ends showing
Or run hair through 3 fingers and cut off split ends as they come up
Make sure you use sharp hairdressing scissors or it will cause split ends to appear faster. This will keep the ends of your hair healthy and save you money if you can do it yourself at home

Satin pillowcase hack

There are heaps of diy, heatless curl tutorials out there because excessive heat causes damage to your hair. But did u know that leaving your hair in braids/elastics for a long time can cause more dmg to ur hair esp if you toss and turn in your sleep, will cause friction and brittleness.

  • If your still keen to do this, there are a few tricks to keep your hair healthy
  • get a satin pillowcase
  • tie looser braids
  • make a gentle hair tie out of a nylon stocking.

It’ll minimise friction to hair esp for dramatic dreamers like me 😛

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