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Is Your Food Ageing You? Tips For An Anti-Aging Diet

When I recently discovered that what I’m eating could be doing just as much damage to my heath and my skin as going out in the sun without sunscreen I was like…wait hold up?

Why was I not told this earlier?

I’m lucky enough to have grown up in a household that avoided ageing foods and cooking methods but things changed when I moved out of home and I started cooking for myself as well as eating out more.

This is probably also the reason why some people may cite “genes” as a factor in ageing when really it may be due to eating habits that you grew up with.

My parents rarely ate bbq’s and grilled food and we ate mainly vegetables rice and a small amount of meat usually steamed or boiled. Dessert was nowhere to be seen instead I was given fruit and dairy and cheese were virtually unheard of apart from drinking milk “for my bones”.

This is probably why they still look 10-15 younger than their actual age

Lucky for me they taught be important habits that enabled me to grow up loving the taste of these kinds of food and also having little interest in sweets and fried food. Thank you parents :)!!!

If you want to find out how your food habits could affect the ageing process please watch my video below. Underneath I will provide some extra resources and information that could help you explore this concept further.



Some more reading

How not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

A list of over 500 foods and their measured AGE levels AGE food list

If you want more resources simply type in “advanced glycation end products” into google!

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