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Late Morning Routine Life Hacks For School Everyone Should Know!! 15 Minute Routine!!

1. Drinking water in the morning.

Use lemon squeeze bottle for lemon water (Water W bottle)
When I wake up late I always feel lethargic so a great way to start the day feel more awake and detox your body is with lemon infused water! If you don’t have time to prepare a great hack is to use a lemon squeezy bottle or to keep a bottle of squeezed lemon juice in the fridge!

2. Brushing teeth.

Hack Motivational quote on the bathroom mirror – Mood hack for a later morning. Remind yourself why you’re doing this

3. Washing hair.

So if you’re late obviously you wont have time to wash your hair so dry shampoo if the perfect way to get rid of the grease! A great hack is to blast the dry shampoo with a hair dryer so that you can get rid of all traces of white! Also there is dry shampoo now that is clear so try that as well if you don’t want to be accidentally caught with white streaks in your hair!

4. Makeup Routine

A great way to shorten your makeup routine in the morning is to use multipurpose products. I have this 8 in 1 bb cream which can replace your whole foundation routine in the morning as well as picking the bare essentials with foolproof formulations like a brown eyeliner along your lashline and waterline which you can smudge into a nice natural look if you don’t apply it right, an eyelash curler to wake up the eyes and mascara for a quick refreshed pair of peepers. A cream blush which is easier to apply in a rush as well because you can just blend with your fingers into a nice flush as well a lip tint which when used to create a ombre lip is super quick to do and hard to mess up and you won’t need to spend time creating the perfect lip line and keeping it!! All these products will make you look refreshed and don’t take much time skill or effort to apply and it can all be done without a single brush!

5. Hair Routine

Next is a hair style that is perfect for 2 or 3 day old hair! The high ponytail! To keep your ponytail up without dropping down during the day simply grab the top section of hair and tie it in the place where you want your pony tail to sit and tie it up. Grab the remainder of your hair and pull it to the first section and use a second hair tie to tie it all together! This high pony tail does not budget and this hairstyle also lifts your features and makes you look more refreshed even when your feeling exhausted!

6. Getting Dressed

So you’re late and you don’t know what to wear? Try putting together an emergency outfit burrito! All you need to do is put together a outfit you’d always be comfortable wearing and this can include a pair of socks or appropriate underwear for it even accessories if you want and simply roll it up and put it in a corner of your closet! That way in a pinch simply grab it and you have an outfit ready to go!! Way better than what normally happens to me which is I look like a disaster with clothes I found lying on the floor because I was running late. Sometimse wearing it inside out is not uncommon XD.

7. Getting Bag Ready

I was trying to think of ways to avoid this but there is no avoiding it! Get into a habit of packing your bag the night before and you’ll always be prepared to leave and not forget anything!! The key point is to build the habit so it becomes easier to do!

8. Getting Lunch Ready

Pack lunch night before – put baking paper between sandwich and then take them out in the morning (pre-cut baking paper sheets into squares in preparation for the shot) (Buy sandwich filling)
You can make your sandwich the night before as well by using some baking paper to keep it from getting soggy! When you used round shaped fillings sometimes the edges don’t get any love! A bonus hack for using round shaped fillings is to cut 2 slices in half and place them with the cut sides facing out to get filling in every part of your sandwich! Simply cut them to size and place it on the bread, place you filling and then place another sheet before the last slice of bread goes on. When you’re ready to eat you can simply flip your sandwich vertically and slip the baking sheets out for a perfectly fresh sandwich every time!!

9. Eating Breakfast


Skipping breakfast is not advisable so for a healthy and quick brekky on the go try making some smoothie bags to put in the freezer! I have 3 recipies to share! For the green smoothie

The green smoothie : spinach, green apple, kiwi, lemon, mint and ginger is great for detox

Berry and bannana smoothie containing blueberry mulberry rasberry, strawberry and bannana for a antioxident bursst

The tropical smoothie containing pinapple, mango’s, honeydew, strawberry and bannanas is an immune booster that targets inflammation!

Simply chop up the ingredients and for the super lazy you can find already frozen blends in your grocery store! Place them into single serve sizes into a freezer bag and pop them in the freezer so they are always fresh and icy!

When you’re ready simply take it out and blend! You can add water, milk or yoghurt to this mix depending on how you like your smoothies, I simply add water for mine because I am lactose intolerant and it taste pretty good with just water!! Now you can grab a bag and blend and you have a super low calorie and healthy brekky that you can drink on the go!

10. Getting out the door



Being late means you’re probably going to forget something so you can make this DIY checklist to leave at the door to make sure everything is done! Grab a folder and cut it length wise and then cut vertically into little sections. Now write the things you need to rememeber into these sections so that you can open and close to reveal it like this. Then simply grab some magnetic tape and if you want you can cover the surface with washi tape then stick it on both sides of the edges. So that the magnets stick together and keep your paper windows closed. Now all you need to do is flip them up when you’ve got everything and once your checklist is all closed you can go out the door and leave! If you want you can also stick a hook for your keys next to this checklist so it’s always there ready for you to take!


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