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17 Makeup Life Hacks Using Everyday Objects!


1. Spoon to protect mascara

Don’t you hate it when you’re putting on mascara and you accidentally get it onto your eyelid all over your eyeshadow? This is the WORST because its literally like the last step and ruins that perfect eye makeup you’ve just worked so hard for! But with a simple household spoon, you can make sure this never happens to you ever again! Its so easy, all you need to do is hold the spoon over your eyelid when you put on your mascara. You can do this with both upper and lower lashes and you wont need to worry about leaving marks on your eyelid because its protected! This way you can even put on more mascara if you’re going for a heavier look by pressing it harder against the spoon. (quick scene geting on eye)

2. Medicine pill boxes to hold eyelashes

If you’re super organised and always store your eyelashes back in their original boxes, then I congratulate you because I can’t do that. I either throw them away, or just find them too fragile and awkward to store easily. And this means that you’ll probably find hundreds of lashes just lying around my house in the weirdest places! This makes it super hard to find them when I actually need them, or I end up only finding one lash and not the other. A super easy way to store them is actually to use a medicine pill container. They fit the lashes perfectly and this one I found came with AM & PM compartments so you can place a pair of lashes on each day. Of course the party lashes go in the Friday one! Honestly guys, this organisation hack is perfect for lazycorns like me so I was so glad I found this! So now all my eyelashes have a home

3. Vaseline on perfume areas

Did u know that you can make perfume last longer by putting a bit of vaseline on your body before spraying? This is so simple and is great for when you know you’ll be out all day and wont have time to reapply your perfume. The other great thing is that because perfume contains alcohol, it can over time dry out your skin, so this hack is like a two in one because it’ll prevent your skin from drying out as well! (quick shot of ingredients)

4. Lipstick + highlighter = metallic

A great hack for when you wanna spice up your favourite lipstick colours is to make it metallic! Its actually super easy, just apply your lipstick like normal, and then take some highlighter and use your finger to dab it on your lips. Dab dab dab. And thats it! Can you see that? It’s crazy right? I was like, blown away by this hack, and I swear I think im going to do this for like every single lip colour I like because Its so cool and just gives your old lipsticks some new life! I’ll definately be trying this out with some of my other lip colors.

5. Contour nose with fork

I saw this next hack on instagram and thought it was so smart! Apparently with a simple dinner fork, you can create a perfectly straight nose contour. Just position the fork right in the middle of your nose. As you can see there are 3 gaps in the fork, so put some highlighter in the middle gap and contour in the sides. The fork keeps the lines dead straight! Then you can blend away, I like to get rid of the harsh lines with my fingers first and then use a brush to make the final adjustments.

6. hairspray toothbrush on eyebrows

A great way to tame your eyebrows and set them in place is to take some hairspray, spray it onto a toothbrush and then brush your eyebrows into place. Your eyebrows will be on fleek even in the windiest conditions!

7. Distilled water + baby shampoo + coconut oil – makeup remover

Did you know you can create your own batch of makeup remover super easily at home! Just take 1 cup of distileld water, 2 tblspoon of baby shampoo, and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and just mix them together. I’m not surprised coconut oil is in the recipe cos literally this oil does everythinggg! Once it’s done simply pour into a pump bottle so it’s ready to use! I tested this on some super waterproof makeup and it does such a good job and the best thing is that coconut oil is great for your skin and hair, particularly your eyelashes and it’s also the perfect formula for washing your makeup brushes! For bonus convenience pour them into 100 ml or less containers so you can take it with you when you travel!

8. Ruler to do brows

A protractor isn’t just for geometry class! You can use it to find the perfect shape for your eyebrows!! Line up the edge with the side of you nose to the inner corner of your eyes and that’s where your brows should start. I use concealer and a brush as guidelines so you can simply blend it out and clean up your brows! Next draw a line from the edge of your nose to the edge of your eyes and that’s where your brows should end. Since I elongate my eyes with winged liner I draw a longer brow by going just a bit out from the edge. Your arch usually sits in a straight line at the end of your pupil but I like mine naturally sits on the straight line from my nose to the edge of my pupil. Here’s is also a guide as well if you’re wondering which lines you can use! Now I like to use the edges to join the dots and create a clean edge for my brows! Use a brush and blend it in and you’ve got the most perfectly clear cut brows!!

9. DIY brush cleaner on clipboard

Sometimes Mia does me a favour and cleans my brushes for me. I think she just likes the feel of them like a fluffy massage! But did you know you can turn your plastic clipboard into the perfect brush cleaner like this one! All you need to do is use a glue gun and draw some textured patterns on your clipboard. I like to start of with some zigzags and lines moving on to some dots and other patterns for different kinds of brushes and cleaning properties. I’ve popped up a guide on what each kind of pattern does for your brushes. Once you’re done simply let it dry and you’ll have the perfect makeup brush cleaning board. Just use the makeup remover we made before or baby shampoo and swish it around and the textures will draw out all the makeup and give it a good scrub. Then simply rinse the brushes under running water and you’re done so you don’t need to go bug your cat!

10. Expired eye shadow into clear nail polish

I always have expired eyeshadows that I can’t bear to throw away because it’s such a waste. So a great way to use these is to pop them in some clear polish for some exciting new nail colors!! Simply use a spatula and dig the pigments out and pop them in. I bought this beautiful rich plum which I never wore on my eyes but I think will look so perfect for fall or a vampy nail look! The more pigments you put in the stronger the colour will be! Also add in a little metal ball or bead in it if your clear polish doesn’t come with one so that when you shake it up the pigment mixes in evenly! After 2 coats it look so amazing and I had to do the same with my gold shadow and a bright blue shadow I had sitting in my drawer!! How pretty do they look??

11. Bobby pin for fan brush

Did you know there’s a hack where you can turn a normal blush brush into a fan brush? Yah dont worry fam, I got you. Just take two bobby pins and put them on at the base of the brush and then push them up and it’ll secure the bristles into a fan shape. It looks pretty much the same and works just as well!
Straw holder for brushes

12. Straw Holder Brush Holder

Who else has their brushes in a jar like me? Its probably fine for brushes you use everyday, but for those brushes you only use occasionally, the dust buildup is real. And the thing is, theres so much dust floating around and you dont really wanna be putting all of that onto your face so instead, store them in a straw holder! Wait wait, hang on a sec *click* thats better! This is actually genius because they fit perfectly, you can see all your brushes through the container, and the lid keeps your brushes clean! The best thing is actually when you lift the lid, your brushes come up and you can even turn it around like a lazy susan until you find the right brush! Seriously its almost as if this was made for makeup brushes.

13. Hair roots with mascara

I’m always looking for new ways to hide my roots and a great hack is to use mascara!! I’m using my eyebrow mascara as an emergency root cover and depending on your hair colour an old black or brown mascara can be perfect for covering your roots!

14. & 15. Banana/strawberries for white teeth

There are so many home remedies for teeth whitening but these two have the support of science and dental experts. The first is using strawberries. Just take a ripe strawberry and mash it up. Then use it like you would toothpaste. This works because strawberries contain malic acid which gently cleans the surface of your teeth. It wont work straight away but if you do this for a week or 2 you;ll start to notice a sifference The best thing is you can eat your strawberry after as well!
The next thing you can use is a banana. Just take the inside of a peel and rub it on your teeth for a few minutes. The peel will act as a gentle exfoliator and will help whiten your teeth after a few weeks.

16. Tape for winged liner

Who knew a bit of sticky tape could be your best friend when it comes to winged liner!! Simply cut a bit off the end and stick it on the edge of your eye following the curve of your lower lids. Just draw along the edge to create your line and the join the end to your lids and colour in the triangle you create! The creates the perfect stencil for your winged liner and even if you accidentally draw outside the line, simply peel it off and reveal the cleanest winged liner you’ve ever seen!! Seriously I could not have learnt how to do my winged line without this hack!!

17. Primer in Makeup

Save time and make your products last by using products with built in primers!! Cliniques color pop range have built in lip primers which have changed my life! So these are my natural lips, they are pigmented, forever dry and I have lip wrinkles that are hard to hide so I have a lot of trouble with matte formulations because they tend to make my lips look extra dehydrated! However with the built in primer, Clinique’s Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer formulation glided on and masked my lip wrinkles so my lips looked smooth and hydrated. The applicator bullet also made it so much easier apply the product on my cupids bow without messing it up. It’s also super pigmented and even the nude covered my pigmented lips in one coat! Seriously I have never been able to wear matte formulations without a gloss coat ever so I was super excited about this product!! They are available in for 18.50 in 16 shades and also come in a bunch of other formulations like sheer, and glaze so don’t forget to head to your nearest Clinique counter to try on all the shades and textures!! But I’d love to know – Which colour do you think looks best on me?

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