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Hair Color Routine Transformation ♥ Before and After Ombre Hair Change ♥ Come with Me Vlog ♥ Wengie

Come with me to the hair dressers and see how I get my hair colour done! This whole process takes anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on what colour we are doing!

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Where I get my hair done:
Stevie English Bondi Junction:
Instagram @englishhair

The are expert colourists and I trust them completely with my hair. They also fixed lots of botched hair colours so please choose wisely :)!! Enjoy the video :)!!

How long does your hair dressing visit take or do you like to do your hair at home :)??
Much love,

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    June 6, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    Just the day before yesterday, I died my hair unicorn (light pink with a tad of blue and yellow), so this video is such a great fun for me. I wish I had a hairstylist who could do all those things for me as well (I die my hair at home as it's hard for me to have an understanding with any hairstylist [although I just recently found someone who is finally able to cut my bangs the way I want it, so there is hope!]). The guy that died your hair seemed really cool and the fact that he did not wear gloves – that's a real devotion! He also mentioned olaplex – I hear and read about it a few times, but it's quite pricy so I had my doubts – if your hair is still relatively in a condition not described as bad, then I'm definately tring it asap.
    How long does your haircolor last? Mine is fine for about a week (althogh I go for the very pastel color and I wash and condition my hair daily).
    Carry on cause your amazing!

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