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DIY Peel Off Lip Tattoo vs. 24 hr Lip Tint Tattoo

I reviewed a 24 hr peel off lip tint over a year ago on this blog along with 5 other interesting lip products but now I’m back to compare it to the DIY version which is really simple to make and super cost effective at the same time. Lets see how this goes :)!!


The DIY recipe is actually really simple:



PVA Glue or Elmers glue ( I used one heaped teaspoon)

Food dye (I used 9 drops red one drop of blue)

All you then need to do is mix in a small portion of elmers glue in a container with aair sealed  lid (if you want to keep it for next time) to a few drops of food dye (depending on how bold you want the colour to be).

Then just apply it carefully onto your lips with a brush and then peel off when it is dry to touch – usually 5 minutes if you apply a thin enough layer. Don’t apply this too thick or you’ll be there all day.

That’s it!! Super simple and effective! I hope you enjoy this DIY lip peel! Watch the video to see this all in action along with a few bloopers 🙂

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