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Complete Glasses Guide – How to Pick Your Perfect Pair of Frames & Makeup Tips for Glasses

I’ve been in the four eye club since I was 14! My parents were so disappointed in me because they were proud of the fact that they both didn’t need glasses. Well they’ve had a lot more to be disappointed about since then but more on that another time XD.

Growing up I read so many books. I read so much I think I exhausted the fiction collection of my local library. I also practised bad habits like reading in the dark with a torch so my parents wouldn’t find out as well as reading with the book too close to my face. So it was no surprise that I was blessed with short sighted vision.

The great thing about wearing glasses these days is that there are so many options! Options I never even know existed until I started working with 1001 Optical in my latest video about glasses. They introduced me to Piovino frames which are really popular in Asia but less known here in Australia. Seriously you guys have to check these out! They are amazing, and not because I’m sponsored to say it – but they are literally… ahh..maa..zing!!

The most awe inspiring feature of these frames is the fact that they can bend to 180 degrees or more and pop back into place. In addition, they are made with aeroplane graded plastic which means it can withstand extreme heat and cold without changing shape (regular frames can warp if left in the sun for too long) and also are so incredibly light, they are lighter than a coin! This does great things for my makeup as it is less likely to dent it :)!! Win for me!

These frames also come in a variety of styles. Here are some of my favourites.

Piovino latest styles


Piovino has a large sunglasses range too


Round funky frames with removable sunnies


Classic light weight plastic frames
1001 Optical are kind enough to give you guys FREE frames (they cost $250+ normally) as long as you buy a pair of lenses. Now that is a fair deal to me! You can also use your Private Health Fund to claim your optical benefits.

To find out where our nearest 1001 Optical store is please click here.

Now on to the juicy tips I have for your today for picking frames that suit your face as well as some super useful makeup tips!


There are may guides online like the one above I found for you to pick the perfect frames for your face, but I generally like to stick to guidelines vs. be given exactly what you need to look for.

In the video below I summarise some basic guidelines you need to follow to pick the best frames for your face as well as provide some valuable tips for applying makeup when you wear glasses.

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