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Beginners Dark Lip Smokey Makeup Tutorial ♥ Asian Hooded Eyes ♥ Wengie

If you watch my daily vlogs you’ll know that I wore this look to David Choi’s birthday party (remember to subscribe to my vlog channel if you haven’t already) and I’ve received soo many compliments on it so I decided to do this tutorial! Oh and my dress is from topshop for all of those wondering. If you love this look don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up 🙂 Lets jump into the tutorial!

Products I Used

Shu Uemura Cushion Foundation
Calypso Magic Concealer Salmon Beige
Touch in Sol Browza Super Proof Gel Brow Pencil (Mink Wink)
Isehan Kiss Me HEAVY ROTATION Coloring Eyebrow Mascara 8g – 03 Ash Brown
Naked 2 Palette:
MAC Blending brush 217:
MAC Cosmetics 266 Small Angle Brush
Tiny Minx lashes “Miss Minx”:
Shu uemura calligraph:ink liquid eye liner
L’oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara, 374 Blackest Black,
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ~ Vancouver
Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette
theBalm Hot Mama!

Foundation & Concealer

  • Having an even skin-tone really brings out dark lipstick. I’m using this cushion foundation from Shu Uemura which has an amazing fluffy applicator which gives you a fully airbrush finish and for a cushion foundation it has really great coverage without looking thick and heavy.
  • Instead of loading lots of foundation, use concealer to cover up any areas that need more coverage. Using the cushion to blend out the concealor, I’m actually loving this fully cushion applicator more than my beauty blender atm, the finish is so gorgeous!
  • Set everything with a light dusting of powder


  • For the brows I’m going to draw in a straighter brow shape and fill them in. In particular I like to fill in the front of my brows.
  • To match my brows to my hair I’m going in with a brow mascara to lighten them up.


  • Taking a transition shade which is a matte taupe I’m going to apply it on my crease moving it up so it’s visible when I have my eyes open. This is a great way to apply transition colour if you have hooded eyes as keeping the eyes open allows you to see how much the colour is actually showing instead of applying it and having it swallowed up by your crease.
  • To make everything easier you can apply sticky tape that’s been stuck onto your arm and removed once to create a guided wing. I tape from just outside the corners of my eye to the ends of my brows and using that angle. This helps when your using darker colours that you need to be more careful with.
  • Using a darker brown apply this to the outer half of your lids out following a straight line from your crease to the tape.
  • Next pack on a gold to the inner half of your lid.
  • Take a blending brush and start blending the edges of your shadows.
  • Taking a highlight colour apply thing to you brow bone blending down.
  • Use the transition shade and apply it along your lower lashline for a light smoked effect. The use a black shadow on the lower outer corners to blend your winged liner into your lower lashes.


  • Using my shu uemura caligraph ink pen follow your tape to draw a wing. I draw a wing up to where a horizontal line meets the crease and the take the line back towards my lashline, drawing it all the way into my inner corners.


  • Curl your lashes and then I’m applying this pay of lashes called Miss minx from Tiny Minx which are simply perfect for any winged look. The lashes are so fluffy and look amazingly real and not plasti like. It flares out in the corners too to really help your winged liner blend in.Finally use mascara and apply it to your lower lashes to complete your eye look

Cheeks & Contour

  • Next taking a fan brush and a warm contour shade apply this just below your cheekbones ending before you reach the ends of your eyes. Take a cooler toned shade and shade the edges of your forehead underneath your jawline and chin. This gives you a much sharper look to your lower face.
  • To soften the line use a beauty blender to blend out the edges.
  • Next take a mate cool toned brown and conour your nose by a light line from your eyebrows down the bridge of your nose. I also like to contour underneath my nostrils and across the bridge for a more button nose effect. Again use a beauty blender to blend it out.
  • Now take a matte highlighte colour and apply on top of cheekbones, foredhead bringing it down the nose bridge, cupids bow and chin to add more dimension. A matte highlighter makes it look more 3d without adding a whole lot of shine.
  • I’m taking hot mama which is at peach blush with a gold highlight and applying it to the apples of my cheeks for a glower flush.


  • The first thing I like to do is block out my cupids bow lip line with some conccealor and setting it with powder. Dark lipsticks really draw attention to the shape of your lips and this allows you to create any desired shape, and prevents bleeding in the cupids bow area for some liquid formulas which is imporatnt if you are not using a lip liner.
  • Using a brush draw a sharp “X” to create the guide for your cupids bow now use the applicator to fill in the rest. I’m using NYX’s “soft matte lipcream in the shade vancouver. I created a rounded and sharp cupids bow, if you want a full tutorial on different lip shapes I ahve a lip shap desgin video which I’ll link below. This particular formula needs 2-3 coats to really look opaque and solid.
  • If you’re not using a lip liner it’s important you clean up the lines with a concealer. Blend out the edges with a beauty blender or something with a fine tip, if you use your fingers sometimes you’ll mess it up.
  • Remember to bring your lip product and some concealer out with you to touch up. It’s one of those colours that aren’t very flattering when half of it is coming off and remember to not rub around your lip area – or this could happen.

This is the completed look! Don’t forget to subscribe and join my family if you haven’t already and I will see you guys in my next video or in my next daily vlog 🙂

Love you!! Bye!!


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