Beauty Standards Around The World ♥ One Face 7 Countries ♥ Wengie

This was a little personal experiment I decided to embark on because I was curious. The beauty standards shown here are the interpretations of the individual photo shoppers. It is not supposed to be the only standard of that area but create to start a discussion with you! Share what you think the beauty standard in your country is and remember this is all for fun and beauty is more than just physical, it is what is inside that will matter in the long run 🙂

*For those of you guys wondering why your continent is missing it was because I couldn’t find a photoshopper that would do it from that country. It may be due to the fact that more people work online from certain countries so it was easier to find freelance airbrushes and some countries may not have as many. I’m sorry if your area wasn’t included but you can share what your beauty standards are because I’d love to know :)!! <3!! Love you guys :D!!

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