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50 School Life Hacks Everyone Should Know!

I had so much fun making this!! But my first thought is really…I wish I knew these when I was in school!! But if you are in school these 50 hacks are perfect for you!! We made this video while it was raining so if you look closely around 7 minutes you might see something funny XD. I hope you enjoy these school life hacks!!

  1. If you have a bunch of notebooks that look the same form the top try coloring the top corner of your books so you can tell which ones they are when you look into your bag
  2. For a super convenient to do list stuck a bunch of post it notes onto a board and that way once you are done you can rip it off and you have a fresh to do list everyday!
  3. If you have lots to read and your eyes are tired try using the speech function on your computer can help you read it all aloud! Just right click and use start speaking. You can also do this for essays to check if there are any errors!
  4. Also apparently you remember things easier by saying them out loud!
  5. To keep apples from going brown during the day try cutting them up and then tying them up with an elastic band. Alternatively you can soak them in 2 tbl spoon honey + 1 cup water for a few minutes.
  6. If you love oranges but don’t want to deal with the mess try cutting the top and bottom off and also a slice down the side and when you’re ready to eat in school just peel it open! It’s so much easier to eat and you won’t get juice everywhere.
  7. If you want to watch videos at the lunch table try using your sunglasses as a phone holder or try making your own with 2 bull clips by bending one hand back and then clipping them together!
  8. If you have smelly shoes after gym class try taking 2 teabags and put them in your shoes before you pack them away so they don’t smell up your locker or bag!
  9. If you run out of deoderant, try using hand sanitizer on your armpits instead. Smell is caused by bacteria mixed with sweat so if you have no bacteria it’s less likely to smell.
  10. Rubbing lime juice until it’s dry also keeps the smell away by increasing the PH level to the point where the bacteria can’t breed!
  11. If you have deoderant but need to remove nail polish you can do this too to get rid of those chipped nails in a rush!
  12. Deodorant is also a great way as an emergency itchy bite soother if you get a bug bite!
  13. Also if you accidentally get Sharpie stains on your hands like seriously it’s way more common than you think! You can actually remove it with nail polish remover and a cotton ball.
  14. To remember the decimals of Pi just count the letters in the sentence: May I have a large container of coffee which is 3.1415826 which is PIE!!
  15. Instead of searching for information on google try for much better resources!
  16. If you constantly feel tired after you wake up even though you’ve had enough sleep try drinking water when you wake up – you actually may be dehydrated and not sleep deprived.
  17. If your essay is too long try adding white dashes between words to lessen the word count – use these with caution!
  18. When your word spell check is asking you to “Revise a fragment” = it actually is asking you to put a semi colon
  19. If you have a bunch of things to delete try using cntrl Backspace to delete a whole word as a time
  20. Use WordHippo to find similar alternatives or opposite words for more variety in your essays!
  21. If you have a quote for a book but don’t know the page number for a citation try searching it in Google Books.
  22. Blowing on your thumb apparently makes you feel less nervous say if you need to do a presentation.
  23. It’s easier to remember things written in blue ink than black ink – write your notes in blue ink!
  24. When you start a new subject leave a few pages in front of your notebook so you can add in a table of contents later for better note finding later when you need to study for an exam!
  25. If you need palm cards for a presentation try changing text colour for every line when printing out so it’ll be easier to read when your nervous!
  26. Don’t know whether to use affect or effect in a sentence? Use the word impact instead!
  27. Change the “.” up a font size (e.g. from 12 to 14) to make your essays look longer.
  28. Assemble an Emergency Kit of pads, bandaids, lip balm, comb, hair ties and deodorant and keep it in your bag so that you can always be ready for any situation!
  29. If you don’t know how to solve a maths equation try using the sites and They can pretty much solve any equation for you.
  30. If you are stuck on references pick one amazing reference for your topic then use the bibliography to find other books and sources that’ll help you.
  31. Textbooks are so expensive so try renting texbooks Zookal in Australia is amazing for university textbooks but see if your city has a similar service!
  32. Keep some mint in your pencil case as it helps reduce headaches and increase concentration.
  33. Also did you know eating 10-12 almonds gives you the same effect as aspirin when it comes to headaches!
  34. Grape juice is also really great at curing migraines!
  35. If you ever accidentally close in important tab for studying just press CTrl+Shift+T and it’ll re-open you last closed tab.
  36. Need a white board but don’t have one? Try using picture frame
  37. Turn down your screen brightness and use power saving mode for extra laptop battery.
  38. You can also use the onetab extension on chrome to grey out tabs that eat up your battery
  39. To help your phone last longer during school try checking which apps use the most battery by going to Settings > Battery.
  40. Another thing you can do to preserve battery and DATA is to Turn off Background App Refresh. Which actually updates all your apps while your phone is on without you knowing! This may be why your phone is clocking off earlier than you expect!
  41. When sharing earphones with your friends turn sound onto mono audio to share sound equally so you’re not just getting one side of the song.
  42. To save battery and embarrassment of a surprise call use airplane mode during class
  43. Another thing draining your battery are location services. Plus if you have it on while you post on social media people can literally stalk you! It’s so scary!
  44. To eat any sandwich quickly when you’re late for school just roll it up.
  45. You can use empty round mint container as a earbud cases to keep it from tangling up in your bag!
  46. If you want a nifty folder organiser try using a Diswashing rack!
  47. Forget to put something in an envelope? Placing an envelope in the fridge will unseal it for you without it look like it’s been opened!
  48. Need to stop yourself from being distracted? Go on Airplane mode or DND when you’re studying to keep buzzing notifications from distracting you. It happens to me ALL the time.
  49. Also use apps like Keep me out on the computer to stop you from procrastinating on sites including YouTube. It basically blocks you from going there for a certain period of time!
  50. If you’re driving home from school and you think someone following you? Take 4 right turns so you go in a circle and if they are still behind you they are. This is when you drive to a super public place and wait there until they leave you!

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