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I haven’t done a hair style video for so long mainly because I usually love wearing my hair the way it is when I get out of bed. But you’re in for a treat because today I’m going to show you 5 hair styles that you can easily do in under 5 minutes. Lets start:


The first style is this beautiful cascading ponytail.
  1. Start off by grabbing your top section of hair and tieing it up with a thin clear band. Using your fingers make a hole in the middle above where you tied it and tuck the pony tail in. This creates this beautiful pattern and it’s called a tuck.
  2. Grab the middle section of hair bring it on top and tie. Now split in the middle and tuck it in again by going over and into the hole you created.
  3. Take the final bottom section of hair and bring it over top and tie. Tuck one more time to create the last cascade. Now tie it all together with a decorative hair tie of your choice.
  4. The second style is high tucked ponytail.
  5. Tie your hair up into a high pony tail using a decorative hairtie.
  6. Now using a thing clear band, tie it 2-3 inches down. Use this section and create a tuck but creating a hole in the middle and pulling the rest of your pony tail in.
  7. Tie another section down and create another tuck. It’s that easy!
The 3rd style is beautiful twist side ponytail.
  1. Split your hair into 2 sections and tie one to the side.
  2. section the remaining hair into 2 or 3 sections. Take each section and using your fingers twirl it around and twist it into your side pony tail.
  3. Twist each individual section together.
  4. Finally tie it up using a decorative hair tie. Or you can use a decorative flower hair piece.
The 4th style is a variation on a side plait.
  1. Split your hair to one side. Section your hair into 2 sections.
  2. Take a section, split it into 3 and plait your hair normally all the way down. Tie it up with a thin hair tie.
  3. Take your final section and plait it as well all the way down.
  4. Now you have 2 plaits, twist them together and tie it together using a decorative hairpiece.
The final style is a side fishtail braid an my favourite style.
  1. With your hair to one side, split it into 2 sections. Now take a piece of hair from the back of one section and bring it forward and into the other section of hair.
  2. Take a piece of hair from your second section, bring it forward around and into the opposite section. This takes some getting used to and the thinner your pieces of hair the finer the fishtail braid. I’m using large sections so you can see what I’m doing but I prefer it when it is thinner. Once you get the hang of it you can even do it on the bus without looking.
  3. Keep taking sections bringing it around to the opposite section until you reach the end. Tie it and then if you want you can gently pull at the sides to make it a little messier.
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