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11 Beauty Hacks To Try ♥ Wengie

Who doesn’t love a good hack video :)!! There is something extremely fun about hacks, it’s probably knowing that you’ve saved some time or money on something that normally takes ages to do.

I have this personal sense of satisfaction knowing it and I wanted to share some of these gems I’ve been obsessed with lately which has been keeping my skin glowy moisturised without the huge price tag 🙂 These are mainly skincare/hair hacks since I previously already did a makeup hacks video.

An yes since I had roots growing (why you gotta ruin my pretty hair TT_TT_)  I got my hair done again by the awesome Stevie @ instagram @englishhair

P.S. My lashes are by Tiny Minx: and today is a special day for me!! Find out what it is in the video:


Products I used in these hacks

Green Tea:
Spritz Bottle (these ones are so cool):
My Fave cotton pads by Muji:
Bigger size unbleached version:
Moisturising toner:
Sensitive skin toner:
What I put my cotton pads in:
Bioderma Sensitive Skin Makeup Remover:
Zip Lock Bags:
Sally Hansen Nailpolish Remover:
Coconut oil with pump dispenser:
Moroccanoil Treatment, 25 ml:

Much Love,


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