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10 minute Teeth Whitening with Philips Zoom QuickPro

phillips zoom quickpro teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is such a popular treatment when it comes to beauty treatments because a whiter smile just makes a huge difference to your overall look! Plus any excuse to smile more is a good thing right :)?

I have very sensitive teeth though and last time I tried whitening it really did hurt a lot and the thought of going through it again was pretty scary. I’m a huge avoider of pain, in fact the pain you get with sensitive teeth is different to any other pain you would normally feel, and much worse in my opinion.

So when Phillips approached me to try its new Philips Zoom QuickPro teeth whitening treatment (RRP $199), my interest peaked when I learnt that it promises little to no sensitivity issues! What I also found out is that it was only a 10 minute in-chair treatment, which is one of the fastest treatments you can get in the dentist and is perfect for a lunch-time procedure or for before a party or event. It’s a good medium between an in home whitening product and a full on in-chair dentist procedure. The treatment is generally less expensive than a full treatment for those looking to trial the effects of teeth whitening. It has also been clinically proven to whiten your teeth up to 4 shade whiter so needless to say I said yes to trying it out :)!!

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Here is a quick run down of what the Phillips Zoom QuickPro treatment looks like!

Step 1: Apply the gum guard 

The first step of the treatment was to have your gums protected from the whitening product! This is why I would choose an in-chair whitening over any take home product so that you can keep your gums damage free and healthy!

Step 2: Set the gum protector

A UV light is then used to set your gum protector, which hardens it so that it doesn’t move or budge during the whitening process!

Step 3: Apply the whitening gel

The dentist will then carefully and meticulously apply the whitening gel on each tooth so that you can experience the full whitening effect 🙂

Step 4: Remove the gum protector

This plastic coating will then be removed after your whitening gel is applied and that’s it!

By the end of step 4 you should be about 10 minutes into your treatment time and you are free to go and continue on with your day with a whiter smile.

Step 5: Wipe off the whitening gel 30 minutes after with a tissue or a cloth

30 minutes after the whitening gel has had time to work it’s magic you can wipe it off. It kind of feels like wax, and doesn’t really taste like much!



Overall it was an extremely pleasant experience and I had no sensitivity issues!! This is great because it means I can maintain my whitened teeth without any more pain! It’s ideal to get this topped up every 6 months after a full on whitening treatment like the Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed treatment.

Quality dental is offering my readers $50 their first treatment as well as a free consultation for any cosmetic dentistry work you may be wanting to have. He is very experienced with other procedures such as Invisalign and Veneers and has a keen eye for detail (not to mention has looked after many celebrities), so if you always wanted them done and wanted your questions answered it’s a good time to get your consult for free :)!

Click this link to grab your voucher and free consultation!

Or check out the Philips Zoom QuickPro website for more information.

To join me on the journey please watch my experience video :)!!

Leave a comment about your teeth whitening experiences below and I’ll catch you in my next post 🙂

Much love,


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