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Sock Bun

So this is BY FAR the easiest way to hack a messy bun, and it works for me EVERY time.
Just get a sock that you dont use anymore and cut off the toe part and then roll it up until it looks like a band. I’m going to braid a piece of hair to one side because I want to show you guys how different a messy bun can look by just adding this one element but you can totally skip this if you’d like. Next tie your hair up into a ponytail and you can do it high or low depending on where you want your bun to sit. Grab your sock donut and pull the ends of your hair through, split it around the sides and then start rolling your hair around it. Keep flipping it up and your hair will cover up your hair donut and it’ll end up looking like the perfect messy bun!! The amazing thing is the elasticity of the sock actually does a great job in holding the bun together without any hair ties but you can use some bobby pins to tidy up any parts you want to sit differently and secure any bits sticking out if you want to neaten it up but yea that’s it!! How cute is this look guys? I love how the braid just makes it look so elegant and by adding some flowers you could totally even wear this to a wedding or special occasion!! & all in under 5 minutes!!

Bobby pin organiser

If you’re like me, you probably feel like you lose your bobby pins all the time! Even if im literally holding one, a second later itll be gone and ill have no idea where it went. A great way to keep track of them is to use a tic tac container which is super cute and also gives u an excuse to buy tic tacs! Another thing u can do is stick a magnetic strip on the side of an accessories holder on your dressing table or anywhere really and the magnet will just hold them in place neatly until you’re ready to use it!

No Hand Hair Dryer

Honestly guys, I thought this one was going to be a bit of fun, but this is actually lit! (or awesome) Just pop your hairdrying into a drawer to hold it up or you can stick one of those hair dryer ring holders on a wall somewhere. It might take a bit of time to find a good angle for the hairdryer, but this is something I can definitely see myself doing because i am ALWAYS late. Beweare when using powder products though haha. Or if you’re not late, you can use this hack if you’re just lazy like me. Dry your hair whilst on my phone? Sign me up!


Curling Your Hair With a Fork

If you want some curls, but dont have a curling wand, you can actually use a metallic utensil to create the same effect! Just heat it up with your hair dryer, and when its hot, twist your hair around it! Just keep in mind thinner handles will create crimps and the bigger and rounder your utensil, the bigger the curls!

Pull apart braid

I love those amazing hairstyles i see on pinterest but I always feel like they’re so difficult and time consuming that I can never be bothered. But here’s a super easy pull out braid for you guys that you can do in 5 minutes but looks so amazing that you’d never guess how easy it was, you don’t even need to know how to braid!! You’ll just need small clear elastics and a clip.

Just take a small section of hair from the top of your head and tie it into a ponytail. Clip it up and then take the remaining top section from around your temples and pull it back and tie it just under your first ponytail. Unclip the first pony tail split it in half and then flip your second up and clip it. Next add some more hair into the first ponytail that you originally split and then tie it again just under your previous ponytail. Do the same thing and unclip your previous section split it in half and then pull your new section up through the middle and clip. Now take the remaining hair and tie it into a pony tail and you should have no loose hair left. Now repeat the spit and clip process all the way till you reach the end of your hair or anywhere you want to end your braid. Also at this point the 2 sections you’ve created should have a similar amount of hair so if you have one much thicker than the other you can try it again until you get used to it. Once you’re finished simply start at the top section and pull it apart to make it look fuller and thicker as well as messier if you’d like. I like to pull out the edges working my way in and simply just do this until you’re happy with it! Pull out some bits at the front if you want to soften the look and now you’re done!! I found this so straight foward to do and omg how pretty does this look??

Sulphate free shampoo for dyed hair

Sulfates are industrial-strength cleaning ingredients that you should avoid in your shampoo, especially if your hair is color treated. You’ll be washing your $200 dye job down the drain. Instead try using an SLS free shampoo. Itll usually say on the bottle if its sulfate free
These shampoos not only damage your hair less, but help you to keep your colour longer!

Hair Vitamins

If you want your hair strong and shiny sometimes the most important thing is actually your diet. Some of the most important things required for These include vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B9, B12, Biotin iodine, and zinc
For those days where you are travelling or have a crazy schedule having a supplement can help fill in any missing gaps when it comes to getting your vitamins. I prefer having mine in gummy form and sugarbear hair is specially formulated to ensure hair health and growth! It’s so tasty and cute and also vegetarian friendly! You can get these off their website or amazon and I’ve linked it down below.

Extra grip for clips

Dont you hate it when your studying and you just want an easy way to keep hair from your face, but your clip keeps slipping off? Sometimes clips are just made of super slippery plastic material that just won’t grip onto your hair! But don’t throw them away!
You can easily fix for this by getting a hot glue gun, and glueing the inside of each tooth with a strip of hot glue
When it dries, it’ll work like those clips you can buy with the non slip ends that are probably twice the price in the store! Just saved you homebodies some money and a trip to the drugstore! #foreverinmypjs

Hide Your Roots

Regrowth is my number one worst enemy and literally the bane of my unicorn hair existance. I always feel like my roots are showing even though i felt like i was at the hairdresser a week ago. And today I’ve got a few ways to hide roots that’ll help your hair last till that next appointment just like it’s helped mine!
First tip is to NEVER part your hair down the middle. This is definitely the style that emphasises your roots the most so avoid this at all costs if you don’t want people to notice!
A simple thing you can do is just part your hair to one side and add some volume around the parting and this will dramatically improve the look of your roots! In fact adding volume in general can help camouflage roots so if you must wear your hair down the middle your can add volume to improve the look!
Another thing you can try if you want to have a middle part, is to part it in a zig zag. By doing this, your regrowth line wont be as obvious, and it’ll look more like an ombre effect
Lastly, you can try to hide your roots with cute headband. Just put your headband over your roots and your done!

No Tie Braid

So if you don’t have any small clear elastics, but you want to do some cute delicate braids, then this next hack will be a lifesaver!
Just braid your hair as per usual, and at the end, stick a bobby pin vertically through the middle of the braid using the rounded end to wrap up around the end of the braid to stop it from undoing and secure it in place.
Then all you have to do is twist around a small bit of excess hair around the bobby pin to hide and it your done!
You can’t even see it from a distance and makes it look super tumblry

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